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Name Meaning
Ea Fire,A person on whom others can re .... 0
Eabba It is derived from the hebrew word .... 0
Eachann It means `Horse-Lover` in Irish 0
eadan Little Fire 0
Eadbeald A heavenly light 0
Eadbehrt Ead means `Blessed` and behrt means .... 0
Eadbeorht The name eadbehort means `Wealthy` 0
Eadbert Name of a King 0
Eadbhard It means rich protector. 0
Eadburt Its derived from the word eadbert w .... 0
Eadelmarr A person who is noble. 0
Eadfrid A serious-minded and responsible pe .... 0
Eadfrith They are generous human beings 0
Eadgar It means a very powerful person. 0
Eadger One who is fortunate and powerful 0
Eadheard Ethical and easygoing person 0
Eadhed One who has earned respect of many 0
Eadhelm A friendly and social person. 0
Eadhere A self-centered person. 0
Eadlac A happy and content person 0
Eadmaer The one who comes from riches and g .... 0
Eadmer A respected and diplomatic person 0
Eadmod A homestead; providing protection,A .... 0
Eadmund One who has riches and is a protect .... 0
Eadnod An energetic and alluring being 0
Eadnoth An ethical and analytical person 0
Eadred A rich,happy and eager person 0
Eadric They are manly and wealthy ruler 0
Eadsele One who is from Edward`s estate 0
Eadsige Analytical,smart and intellectual b .... 0
Eadstan A superior person 0
Eaduin An idealistic,prosperous and inspir .... 0
Eadulf A person who has an intense desire .... 0
Eaduuard A majestic personality 0
Eadwacer Heaven-watcher; A person who is of .... 0
Eadwald Derived from the word eadweald it m .... 0
Eadward Guardian; The derived meaning from .... 0
Eadwardsone A person with the desire to serve h .... 0
Eadweald It means `Prosperous Ruler`. 0
Eadweard Ed means `Rich` and weard means `Gu .... 0
Eadwiella It means `From the Old Spring` 0
Eadwig It means a rich or prosperous perso .... 0
Eadwin It means a person who is a blessed .... 1
Eadwine It means `Happy Friend`. 0
Eadwinn It means a `Wealthy Friend`. 0
Eadwold An independent and a very tolerant .... 0
Eadwulf A person who is idealistic and has .... 0
Eadwyn It means a valued friend 0
Eagan it means `Son of Fire` in Irish. 0
eahaas Don't know. do you know tell me 0
Eahfrid A diplomatic and honorable human be .... 0
eahsan An Act of Kindness; Mercy; Helpful 0
eajaz Astonishment; Miracle 0
eakam Don't know. do you know tell me 0
eakamjot Don't know. do you know tell me 0
eakan Don't know. do you know tell me 0
eakansh Don't know. do you know tell me 0
eakant Alone 0
eakm Don't know. do you know tell me 0
eaknoor Don't know. do you know tell me 0

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