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Name Meaning
oaghavanth King; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; Chief .... 0
oakden It is referring to the Hindu deity .... 0
oakes Combination of two words "Mohan" t .... 0
Oakland An enchanting brave person. 0
oakley A charming lamp or a lamp that give .... 0
Oaks The charming Lord The god is fascin .... 0
oalo Small 0
oam Form of Om,The Sacred Syllable 0
Oates Combination of words "Mohan" and "M .... 0
Obadiah Refers to the lover of a charming p .... 0
Obafemi The King loves me. 0
obaid Small slave 0
obalesh Lord Shiva,Lord of the linga,Epithe .... 0
obaleshwar One of many names of Lord Shiva 0
Obaloluwa God is the king. 0
obama Slightly Bent 0
Oban An Enchanting brave person who is i .... 0
Obasolape Yoruba term meaning God has made hi .... 0
Obatotosinloluwa God is indeed worthy of praise. 0
obedience One who is trustworthy,One who can .... 0
obeid Don't know. do you know tell me 0
Oberon The soul or the purest blood out of .... 0
Oberron A beautiful or attractive girl. 0
Obert The one who believes that there is .... 0
obez One 0
obi One with the beautiful essence,who .... 0
obie An attractive person 0
Obinna Combination of Sanskrit words "Moh" .... 0
Obrecht One who is the guardian of the char .... 0
Obuli Name of a Hindu God 0
Obuya Born when the garden was overgrown. 0
Occa A person who is categorized by his .... 0
occhav Sound; Voice,Sound,Voice 0
Oceanus A South-Indian version of the Mohi .... 0
Ocelfa An Arabic term to the one who reviv .... 0
Ocga A grateful,authentic and outspoken .... 0
ochaar Pronunciation; Sound; Voice,Pronunc .... 0
Ochieng Born in the daytime. 0
Ochs Combination of the Quranic names Mo .... 0
Ochuko Hindu name of deity Lord Krishna. 0
Ociel Heaven,heavenly 0
Octa A person who does good deeds. 0
Octave Gentleman,one who helps or aids oth .... 0
Octavian a person who is always on the right .... 0
Octaviano One who is born eighth to a family 0
Octavien Who is eighth child,Emperor Augustu .... 0
octavio A French word that means "Me" ones .... 0
Octavious One of the most dangerous creature 0
octavius Assistant or a helper. One who help .... 0
october A King or a ruler who assists or he .... 0
odaka Apple Flavour 0
odakota The white sea or a fair sea. 0
odale The Bitterness of sea,a rebellious .... 0
Odaliz A rich person,wealthy and prosperou .... 0
Odall A Spanish Variant of Moses that mea .... 0
Odalric A Yiddish variant of Moses that mea .... 0
odalys Spell variant of Moses that means s .... 0
Odalyz A prosperous,wealthy and rich perso .... 0
Odam An Arabic word that means one who g .... 0
odan Cloud; Grain Cooked with Milk 0

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