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A-imun Croatian form of Simon,meaning he h .... 3
a-ssur One who answers. 0
aabad Populated 1
aaban More clear; 8th Persian month 0
Aabavaanan implies a person who is responsible .... 0
aabdar Bright; Like glass 1
aabdeen Worshipper 0
aabel Breath 0
aabhal Sparkling 0
aabharan jewel 0
aabhas Feeling,Virtual,Sense or Feelings,h .... 0
Aabhass Awareness; A variant name of Abhas .... 0
aabhat Shining,Visible,Brilliant 0
Aabhavannan Light; also means torch bearer who .... 0
aabheer A cowherd,Name of dynasty,means a C .... 0
aabher means a Cow-herd and is variant for .... 0
aabideen Worshippers 0
aabidh Worshipper 0
aabidoon Worshipper of God 0
aabinus Ebony 0
aabir Gulal,The word aabir has the meanin .... 1
Aace The word aace in America means Unit .... 0
Aachalendra The word aachalendra means Himalaya .... 1
Aacharappan Restless or Proactive 0
aacharya A prominent religious teacher and s .... 0
aachman Intake of a sip of water before a Y .... 0
aachuthan aachuthan is other name of Lord Vis .... 0
aacish God Name 0
aada To Bind; Fasten 0
aadalarasan means Attraction; one who attracts .... 0
Aadalarasu means King of Dance in Tamil; repre .... 0
aadam The first prophet of Allah 0
aadamya Apne Dam par 0
aadan Acceptance; Holding 0
aadar Reverence,Commencement 0
aadars The Ideal 0
aadarsh Ideal,The Sun,Principle,Belief,Exce .... 0
aadarsha Idol,Mentor,With An ideology,aadars .... 0
Aadava aadava means sun,it signifies the p .... 0
aadavan The Sun,A tamil name which implies .... 0
Aaddhar Foundation,Ground work of anything, .... 0
aadeel Just 0
aadeep Light,Spiritual Illumination,A sour .... 0
aadeez Beloved,Dearest,Treasured 0
aadel Reasonable 0
aaden Warmth of the Home; Fire; Flame 0
aadesh Command,Message,counsel,means instr .... 0
aadeshwar aadeshwar is a south indian name th .... 0
aadhan Be First 0
aadhar Base,A variant of Sanskrit name Aad .... 0
aadhav Ruler,Ruler - a person who rules or .... 0
aadhavan The Sun,Sun,Brilliant Like the Sun, .... 0
aadheen Obedient; Submissive 1
aadhev word aadhev means First,Most eminen .... 0
aadhi aadhi means beginning,it sometimes .... 1
aadhik Greater; More then One 0
Aadhikara Lord Shiva,A variant of Sanskrit na .... 0
Aadhikesavan One who is Ideal for Others 0
aadhil Honorable judge; Justice; Righteous .... 0
Aadhimulam One who is beginning of Everything, .... 0

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