Aadava Name Details

Aadava means sun,it signifies the person who is supreme unchallenged
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What is Meaning Of Aadava ?

Aadava is a boy name which means "aadava means sun,it signifies the person who is supreme unchallenged" and aadava is mostly peoples in indian but if we talk about the continent. So this name is mostly peoples used in countries. aadava name has lucky(numerology) number 3 and its a name.

The name Aadava is preferred by some people of certain religion like Hindu.

Details Of Name Aadava

Meaning of Aadava - Aadava means sun,it signifies the person who is supreme unchallenged

Your name is Aadava. A representation number 1, means that Aadava you like leadership and take the initiative. Those with the letter 'A' before their name are extremely confident of their skills as your name means "Aadava means sun,it signifies the person who is supreme unchallenged". You are constantly on the lookout for adventure and activity. They are courageous by nature, enterprising and determined. Aadava You strive to be the driving force behind any situation and like to run the show on your own terms. Aadava you love to do any work in new way and people named Aadava try their best to make better. You have the urge to try something new. And there is a positive quality, the cause of helping others or the sacrifice for help that it consists in. Aadava A good person. Such people support others in happiness and sorrow and keep thinking of doing something good. People like Aadava are a little emotional, due to which they remain immersed in their own thoughts. They are creative Aadava like individuals who think how to make a work or a person better rather than destroy it. They believe in peace.

Detail of each letter

Each letter in your name has a meaning just like your name Aadava means. The details of each letter of your name Aadava are present in the table below.

Letter Meaning
A You like to be your own person Aadava You are a natural leader, dream big and like to lead an independent life.
D Aadava You are practical. You have a unique way of doing things, which is great, and Aadava your sense of determination is very strong.
V Aadava you are a seer, you have the ability to make your future good, you have great intuition. It may take you.

Aadava Related Names

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Name Meaning
Aadava aadava means sun,it signifies the p .... 0
aadideva the hindu word aadideva is feminine .... 0
Aaditva Variant of aditya: the Sun,The Sun, .... 0
aahva Beloved,one who is greatly loved,De .... 0
aatmadeva God of the Soul; A variant name fro .... 0
abhibhava Overpowering,Powerful,Victorious,In .... 0
Abhihava Most Intelligent; Recollection; Wis .... 0
abhinava Young,New,Novel,Innovative,Quite ne .... 0
adhideva Supreme God; Creator of Universe; O .... 0
agniprava Bright as the fire,Bright as the Fi .... 0
ahava Loved One; Beloved; Water 0
akiva Protect 0
alva Noble Friend,Elf,Brilliance 0
amitava One with boundless splendor,Incompa .... 0
apoorva One of a kind or rare,Quite new,Exq .... 0
arunava Sun rays 0
arva Arva means fastest motion wind,Fast .... 0
Ashva Horse,Strong,Quick,Fortunate 0
Astitva Existence,Survival,Life 0
atarva Lord Ganesha 0
atharva The first Vedas,Lord Ganesh,Knower .... 0
Athrava The first Vedas,Lord Ganesh,Knower .... 0
athrva Name of a Veda 0
aurva Name of a Rishi; Grandson of Rishi .... 0
baladeva Young God 0
balasiva Lord Shiva 0
basava Lord 0
Bhaarava Pleasant,The Tulsi plant,Adaptable 0
bhairava Destroys Fear; Formidable 0
bhargava Lord Shiva,Attaining radiance,Comin .... 0
bhava Being,Becoming 0
bhodhisatva Buddha 0
bhudeva Lord of the earth,Lord of Earth,Sup .... 0
bhuva Fire,World,Earth 0
bilva A sacred leaf,A Sacred Leaf Used wh .... 0
Birghiva A hard worker,diligent and brave pe .... 0
birva Leaf 0
brhadasva A strong one with mighty horses 0
buddhadeva Gautama Buddha,A wise person 0
cadrasva A Hindi name for Boys 0
cakradeva A Discus`s King 0
Casanova A surname,meaning a new house,a new .... 0
caturasva A horse owner 0
chandodeva Incarnation of a Goddess 0
chandradeva The Moon Personified as Deity 0
channakeshava Another Name of Lord Shiva 0
cheluva Looking handsome,Looking Handsome,A .... 0
chiranjeeva Long Lived; Immortal 0
chitrashva Another Name of Satyavar 0
citrasva A horse that is painted with colour .... 0
daiva Godly; Divine; A Deity 0
damarava One who is all powerful 0
dashasava Full of mercy 0
dava Wine; Water 0
dayva One who is Divine; Lord / God 0
deiva Lustrous 0
deshva Lord Shiva; Lord of the World; Lead .... 0
deva Deity,God,Celestial Spirit 0
devadeva Lord of all lords 0
deyva Deity,God / Lord 0