Aagar Name Details

The word aagra means a person having interest in Music,Excelling in music
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What is Meaning Of Aagar ?

Aagar is a boy name which means 'the word aagra means a person having interest in music,excelling in music' and aagar is mostly peoples in ,indian but if we talk about the continent. So this name is mostly peoples used in countries. aagar name has lucky(numerology) number 1 and its a sanskrit,tamil name.

The name Aagar is preferred by some people of certain religion like Hindu.

Details Of Name aagar

Meaning of aagar - The word aagra means a person having interest in Music,Excelling in music

Your name is aagar. A representation number 1, means that Aagar you like leadership and take the initiative. Those with the letter 'A' before their name are extremely confident of their skills as your name means "The word aagra means a person having interest in Music,Excelling in music". You are constantly on the lookout for adventure and activity. They are courageous by nature, enterprising and determined. Aagar You strive to be the driving force behind any situation and like to run the show on your own terms. Aagar you love to do any work in new way and people named Aagar try their best to make better. You have the urge to try something new. And there is a positive quality, the cause of helping others or the sacrifice for help that it consists in. Aagar A good person. Such people support others in happiness and sorrow and keep thinking of doing something good. People like Aagar are a little emotional, due to which they remain immersed in their own thoughts. They are creative Aagar like individuals who think how to make a work or a person better rather than destroy it. They believe in peace.

Detail of each letter

Each letter in your name has a meaning just like your name aagar means. The details of each letter of your name aagar are present in the table below.

Letter Meaning
A You like to be your own person aagar You are a natural leader, dream big and like to lead an independent life.
G Aagar You are a very intelligent person who has a lot of work and ability to do things easily. And from this you can benefit financially but you do not take advantage.
R Aagar You feel things with your heart and your rich, deep inner life pours out. You also have an excellent work ethic and you approach any task with energy.

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ansar Friend; Patron; Supporter; Helper 0
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anwaar Light,glow,gleam 0
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apar Limitless,Infinite,Boundless,Endles .... 0
Aparampar Infinite; Limitless; Boundless; End .... 0
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aqbar Greatest; Honourable; Bigger 0
arar Lent Lily 0
Arkeshwar The Sun; Lord of Light; Sun God,The .... 0
Arnar A variant of Arnar,meaning warrior. 0
Arulsyankar One of the many names of Lord Shiva 0
Arun-Kumar Mythical charioteer of the Sun,Dawn 0
Arunakar The Sun; Glow of the sun; Radiance .... 0
arunkumar Sun`s Light; Glow of the sun; Red R .... 0
Arvin-Kumar Lotus 0
ArvinKumar Lotus 0
asfandyar Created by the Holy Spirit 0
asfar The mornings light 0
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asghar Short; Small; Junior 0