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Name Meaning
Aaas Expectation; Hope 0
aabdar Bright; Like glass 1
aabhat Shining,Visible,Brilliant 0
aabid Worshipper of God 0
aadam The first prophet of Allah 0
aadamya Apne Dam par 0
aadarsha Idol,Mentor,With An ideology,aadars .... 0
aaden Warmth of the Home; Fire; Flame 0
aadheen Obedient; Submissive 1
aadhil Honorable judge; Justice; Righteous .... 0
aadhiren Dark 0
aadhish Full of wisdom,Intelligent,Commande .... 0
aadhyatm Dhyan 0
Aadhyavi Warrior princess 0
aadi Adornment,Beginning,Perfect,Most im .... 0
aadidev The Lord of the lords,The first God .... 0
aadijay The first victory,The First Victory .... 0
aadijith First victory 0
Aadika Goddess 0
aadil Honorable judge; Justice; Righteous .... 0
aadim Entire universe,First,Foundation,Or .... 0
Aadima Aboriginal,At the Roots 0
aadinath The first Lord,Lord Vishnu,God,Supr .... 0
aadipta Bright,Intelligent,Radiant,Luminous .... 0
aadishankar Sri shankaracharya,Founder of Adwai .... 0
aadith Peak,Lord of the Sun,First 0
aadithyakethu One of the kauravas 0
Aaditi Beginning; Peak 0
Aadity Universal; Boundless 0
aadnya Instruction 0
aadvik Unique 0
aadyant Infinite from Adi to ant,From begin .... 0
aadyot Praise,Brilliant,the name means Com .... 0
aafa Forgiver; Pardoner 0
aafan Forgive 0
Aagama Arrival; Wisdom 0
Aagasya Maharshi 0
Aagati Arrival,Coming,Return,Origin 0
aage in German and Danish Aage means Anc .... 0
aagha Pre-eminent; Master; Chief; Elder b .... 0
aaghosh Quiet,Soundless,aaghosh has meaning .... 0
aagrima Stay on Top,Coming First 0
aahaan Dawn,Sunrise,Morning glory,First Ra .... 0
aahi Soul; Spirit 0
aahlad Delight,Joy,Happy,Happiness,aahlad .... 0
Aahsha Hope 0
aahuti Divine Offering to God / Lord 0
Aahutti Divine Offering to God / Lord 0
aahvan An invitation call 0
Aaiesa Obedient,Beautiful 0
Aaiushi One with Long Life; Live Long 0
Aaiyshu Beautiful,Live Long Life 0
Aajanae A Gift from God,Gracious 0
Aajita Invincible; Always Winning 0
aakalp Unlimited 0
aakampan Unshaken,Calm,Determined 0
Aakanxa Ambition,Wish,Desire 0
aakarshak Attractive 0
aakashi the name means Heaven,the sky color .... 0
Aakeen Faith 0

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