North-american Names

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Name Meaning
aaric Rule with Mercy; Graceful Ruler,Rul .... 0
aariyani Pure; Holy One; Variant of Arianna 0
aaron Light bringer,Exalted high,Enlighte .... 0
aaryan Kind Hearted,Good to Others,Illustr .... 0
aaryanna Powerful & complete who renowned by .... 0
aaryn From a High Race,King,Noble 0
aayla Top of the Mountain 0
abagail Means father`s joy or Father rejoic .... 0
abbe Nobleman; Father in Rejoicing 0
abbey Father; My Father is light,Father,M .... 0
abbie My Father is Light; Father of Joy 0
abbigail Derived from Hebrew Avigayil that m .... 0
abbot Father; Priest 0
abbott The Father of the Abbey 0
abby Father,My Father is Light 0
abdiel Servent of god 0
abdul Knowledge 0
abe Form of Abraham,meaning father of m .... 0
abejundio Means relating to bee or abaje 0
abel Healthy,Vanity,Breath,Breathing,Usu .... 0
abelard Originated from German language whi .... 0
abelardo Basically it means generous,kind an .... 0
abena Born on Tuesday; From Akan 0
abi My Father,All Given to Good 0
abigail Father in rejoicing 0
abigale The Yahweh`s rejoice 0
abigayle The joy or happiness of Yahweh 0
abilene Hebrew - Grass,A Plain,A Biblical n .... 0
abilio One who is able or an expert 0
abner The father of light 0
abraham Faultless 0
abrahan Brazilian version of Abraham,meanin .... 0
abram Need; Strong grip 0
abran Exalted Father,Variant of Abram 0
abria In Celtic it means Strength or powe .... 0
abrianna Mother of many nations 0
abrielle A woman of God,or a woman from God 0
absalon God the Father is peace 0
acelin A noble girl or a girl who born in .... 0
achatius In Hebrew it means the God is holdi .... 0
ackerley Old English surname meaning "Oak me .... 0
ackley (English) Meadow of oak trees 0
ada Grace,Expression. 0
adah Adornment,A form of Ada (Kerala Del .... 0
adain Resembling the Mother; Winged 0
adal Precious; Nobel 0
adalbert Germanic (Nobly famous); Noble; Hon .... 0
adalheidis Noble kind,of the noble sort. 0
adalson Son of All 0
adam A prophets name,Black,Man,earth 0
adamo Son of Red Earth; First man to come .... 0
adamson Son of Adam; A derivative from Adam .... 0
adan Paradise,heaven. 0
adara Virgin 0
adde Noble; Kind; Wise; Polite,Noble,Kin .... 0
addi A Variant of Adde; Noble; Nobility, .... 0
addis Son of Adam; Son of the Red Earth; .... 0
addney Lives on the Noble`s Island; A vari .... 0
ade African - Crown,Royal,Peak ; Hebrew .... 0
adeena Pious; Good luck; Slender 0

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