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Aace The word aace in America means Unit .... 0
Aadne in German language aadne means Eagl .... 0
Aaren the name has several meanings In Sc .... 0
Aariyeh A rare name desiring spiritual and .... 0
Aaro Progressive; Mountain of strength. .... 0
Aarron the one who is Enlightened it also .... 0
Aart Celtic - Stone; bear; German - Thor .... 0
Aase the mountain covered with trees,it .... 0
Aata Bear or stone in Maori language. 0
Abacuck One who likes to seek adventure and .... 0
Abaeze Branch of the kings 0
Abaigael Deviation form of Abigail (Hebrew) .... 0
Abayomrunkoje God won`t allow humiliation. 0
Abbes The name means a lion who has ruthl .... 0
Abbigale Its root is Hebrew origins which me .... 0
Abbo A Condiment (Mudama Origin) 0
Abbreithe One who is a lady`s maid 0
Abbygail This name is derived from Hebrew or .... 0
Abcde Means first five amazing letters of .... 0
Abdieso Derived from name Abdiel that means .... 0
Abegale Variant of name Abigail which means .... 0
Abegunde One born during the holiday. 0
Abela Alternative of Abelia French,means .... 0
Abelia Meaning Herdsman that is a person w .... 0
Abelie Form of French name Abel which mean .... 0
Abeline Basically Abilene is a region of th .... 0
Abelino Means unsure pet form of Avila 0
Abellona The sun Goddess 0
Abelone One who destroys his,her enemy 0
Abelota An eager,able and balanced person 0
Abeo The bringer of happiness . 0
Abeque A person who loves to stay at home 0
Aberdeen A woman who is from city in northea .... 0
Aberdine Woman from a city of Aberdeen,relia .... 0
Aberesh Derived from medieval form of Alban .... 0
Aberforth In Gaelic,this name means "Ëœfrom .... 0
Abernathy This British name means beginning o .... 0
Abhatha A cultural and enthusiastic person 0
Abiade One who is born of royal parents. 0
Abidugun One born before the war. 0
Abigaia My father`s rejoice 0
Abigaill The joy of my father 0
Abigaille The rejoice of my father 0
Abigay Abigay is the Jamaican version of A .... 0
Abigeal The father`s rejoice 0
Abilee The land of mourning 0
Abilena The father of a mourning person 0
Abilo One who is skill and proficient in .... 0
Abiodun One born at the time of festival. 0
Abiola (African - Yoruban) Born in Honor; .... 0
Abioye The son of royalty; A Variant of Ab .... 0
Ablamar A bright,lonely and accepting being 0
Abnar A Biblical name,meaning father of l .... 0
Abo Father; Short form of name Abott,Fa .... 0
Abolins Clover 0
Abott The father or the priest 0
Abramson The son of an exalted father 0
Abrax The great archon from mythology 0
Abraxas The great chief magistrate or archo .... 0
Abriana Female variant of Abraham that mean .... 0

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