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Name Meaning
Abriella One who is derived from God or the .... 0
Abrienda The opening or the inauguration 0
Abrohom Assyrian form of Abraham,meaning fa .... 0
Abronoma Dove 0
Absco One with an inventive mind. 0
Absidee One who impresses others and is ele .... 0
Absko Power and strength 0
Absolom My father is peace 0
Abuya One who was born when the garden wa .... 0
Abygayle One who is the father of many peopl .... 0
Acacia The wood of the acacia tree was use .... 0
Acacio The lord holds adam - the first man 0
Acadia The land that have plenty,the land .... 0
Acamapichtli A handful of reeds or long grass 0
Acantha A thorn or a sharp-pointed object 0
Acanthus Thorn 0
Acca The mother of all Gods 0
Accalia One who is the mother of Gods 0
Accerly A hopeful and truth loving person; .... 0
Acciai The occupational name for one who h .... 0
Accola Neighbor or to live near. 0
Accolon One who is from the mother of God 0
Accursia Feminine form of Accursio,meaning t .... 0
Accursio To hasten 0
Acela A flower from the God or the ash tr .... 0
Acelina A noble person from heaven 0
Aceline A woman who is noble. 0
Acelynn A girl who is born in noble home 0
Acer means Unity in Latin; A variant of .... 0
Achcauhtli Leader,a man with leadership qualit .... 0
Achieng One born during the day time. 1
Achille Old Greek - Pain; Lipless; Variant .... 0
Ackerleigh Meadow Of Oak Trees; means division .... 0
Actassi Share the sea 0
Adalbjorg Noble protection. 0
Adalgisa Noble hostage 0
Adalgiso Noble hostage 0
Adalheid Golden 0
Adalricus Noble ruler 0
Adalstienn Noble stone. 0
Adalward The noble guardian. 0
Adank Adank is Swiss variant of Adam and .... 0
Adankwo One born on fourth day. 0
Adaoma A good and virtuous lady. 0
Adaora Daughter of all 0
Addo Happy; Ornament; King of the path ( .... 0
Adebamgbe A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwe .... 0
Adeben 12th Born Child - African Akan 0
Adebowale Return of the crown; refers to a ch .... 0
Adefolake Your wealth supports us. 0
Adekorafo Treasurer 0
Adelais Noble 0
Adelgonda One who is a noble warrior 0
Adelgonde A noble woman,warrior 0
Ademir Noble protector 0
Aderiyike The pampered crown. 0
Adesanya My pains have been compensated with .... 0
Adesola A child crowned with wealth. 0
Adetayo Crown has brought us great joy. 0
Adetokunbo A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. A .... 0

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