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Name Meaning
Adetola The crown can be measured to wealth .... 0
Adetope The crown is worthy of praise. 0
Adetosoye The crown is entitled to the throne .... 0
Adio The name inspires one to be righteo .... 0
Adisson Son of Adam 0
Admetos One who cannot be tamed. 0
Ado Awe-inspiring; Highborn; Without Fu .... 0
Adolfus A noble wolf 0
Adom Help from Go; (Akan Origin),Help fr .... 0
Adongo The second of twins. 0
Adorjan Person from Hadria (Latin Origin); .... 0
Adras Means Manly in Greek 0
Adrean Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; .... 0
Adrians From Adria 0
Adrianu Sicilian form of Hadrianus. It mean .... 0
Adrijana Croatian variant of Adriana,meaning .... 0
Adyelya Bulgarian form of Alice,meaning of .... 0
Aebi Pet form of the personal name Adalb .... 0
Aegileif Daughter of Hrolf Helgason. 0
Aelfric Elf Ruler; King of Elves,Elf Ruler, .... 0
Aelle Name of Several Kings; one of many .... 0
Aeropos Male form of the name Aerope. 0
Aescwine Spear Friend 0
Aesir Of the Gods. 0
Aethelbald Noble and Bold; A King of Mercia,No .... 0
Aethelbert Bright Nobility 0
Aethelfrith Noble Peace 0
Aethelhard Noble Strength 0
Aethelhere Name of a King 0
Aethelstan Noble Stone 0
Aethelwulf Noble Wolf 0
Aevar Name of Ketil`s son. 0
Afolabi Child of high status; Born rich and .... 0
Afryea The born during good times. 0
agast Icelandic variant of August,meaning .... 0
Agelaeia She who belongs to a herd. 0
Agilberht Name of a Bishop 0
Agnese A variant of Agnes. It means lamb. 0
Agnetta Chaste or holy 0
Agon The dawn 0
Agot A woman who is good hearted. 0
Agrapina A girl who is born feet first. 0
Agripina A variant of Agrapina,meaning one w .... 0
Agwe Spirit of the sea 0
Agyei Messenger From God. 0
Ahere Bird snare 0
Aho Assyrian term for brother. 0
Ahorangi The name means enlightened in the M .... 0
Ahuiliztli Happiness and joy,one who brings jo .... 0
Ahurewa A sacred place. 0
Aicken English - Made of Oak; A variant of .... 0
Aigneis She who is chaste,holy 0
Aihe Dolphin in Maori language. 0
Ailfrid Wise Counselor; Old English : Elf C .... 0
Aime Croatian form of Simon,meaning he h .... 3
Aimo Finnish - Generous Amount; Fair-siz .... 0
Akachukwu The hand of God. 0
Akahata Supreme 0
Akello Baby girl born after twins. 0
Akenehi Chaste and pure 0

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