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One born before the war.
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Abidugun is a american Boy name.

The name Abidugun is a very beautiful american name that begins with the letter A. This name is very good for Boys which means One born before the war..Numerology number of name Abidugun is 7.If you want to know the meaning of the american name Abidugun in more depth, then you have come to the right place, you can get to know the american name Abidugun better by clicking the "More information" button below.Here you will get answers to almost all your questions like - What does the american name Abidugun mean?, What does the numerology number of the american name Abidugun mean?,What does each letter of the american name Abidugun mean?,What is the nature of people named Abidugun? etc.

What does the first letter "A" mean in the name Abidugun?

If the first letter of your name is A.You like to be your own person Abidugun You are a natural leader, dream big and like to lead an independent life.

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Name Meaning
Abidugun One born before the war. 0
Abiodun One born at the time of festival. 0
Antun One who is invaluable. 0
Ayotundun A Yoruba term,meaning joy is sweet. 0
Beadutun From the Warrior`s Estate 0
Beorhttun From the Fortified Town 0
Bercthun A man who shines brightly 0
Berthun A person who is bright 0
Blagun Derived from Slavic word blag,meani .... 0
Brithun A British Boy 0
Burhtun He lives in the fortress town 0
Calhoun A man from the narrow forest 0
Carlatun One who comes from the farm of Clar .... 0
Caroun He is born to love 0
Catgucaun A considerate,materialistic and fri .... 0
Catguocaun An over sensitive,humble and nurtur .... 0
Ceastun He who comes from the camp 0
Chaun The one who has financial and emoti .... 0
Claegtun Mortal; one who can die; opposite o .... 0
Conbrinun A friendly natured,happy,easy going .... 0
Cwentun Queen`s estate 0
Dagrun A secret lore 0
Delun One who lays down order and gives j .... 0
Draincun An authentic,restless and noble per .... 0
Dun Brown skinned soldier; fort,Brown s .... 0
Ealdun One who is from the elves`s valley 0
Ealhdun One who belongs to the valley of th .... 0
Ealhhun They are friendly natured and have .... 0
Eatun An enclosure or settlement 0
Enniaun the family name of a great writer d .... 0
Euilaun an Italian name for someone who has .... 0
Eun Silver 0
Farrun An iron grey man 0
Farun From the fern fields 0
Faun She who is like a young deer 0
Feldtun He who comes from the fields 0
Feldun A Boy from the fields 0
Fugeltun Form the park land of the people. 0
Gallcun A creative,passionate and patient b .... 0
Gallun Systematic and passive individual 0
Gbolahun Show the wealth. 0
Gefjun The person who provides prosperity. 0
Goderun The secretive Love of God,God Secre .... 0
Godrun The secretive Love of God,God Secre .... 0
Godun The one who has hidden qualities of .... 0
Goldrun Goldrun means a person who likes to .... 0
GUrdun They are dedicate to build their li .... 0
Hamelstun From the Grassy Estate 0
Hristun From the Brushwood Estate 0
Hwertun One who comes from the hollow estat .... 0
Ibidun The birth was sweet. 0
Ifetundun Love is sweet. 0
Imun One who is clean and immune. 0
Jevaun Jevaun is the Jamaican form of Evan .... 0
Jolasun Let the wealth come forth. 0
Kolbrun Coal or eyebrow. 0
Remilekun Stop my grief. 0
Shamoun A form of Simon. It means he has he .... 0
Sumertun One who comes from the summer estat .... 0
Swithun One who is a strong cub 0

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