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Name Meaning
Babasolaf Father`s wealth has arrived. 0
Bacchus Latin - God of Wine; A variant form .... 0
Bagiyeh Name of a famous Assyrian girl. 0
Bai One who is a farmer. 0
Bakli Name of Blaeng`s son. 0
Balakros One who is bald. 0
Baldo Ba`al protect the king. 0
Bale Old Greek - Royal; Kingly; A varian .... 0
Balmung Siegfried`s sword. 0
Balthis Swiss form of Balthazar,meaning Baa .... 0
Bamard The name means ` brave as a bear.` 0
Banagher Pointed Hill 0
Banaing Son of the Slayer 0
Banana A tropical tree-like plant and it`s .... 0
Banbrigge Lives Near the Bridge over the Whit .... 0
Bancrofft Pasture; Field of Beans,Pasture,Fie .... 0
Band Broom Covered Hill 0
Bandele Born Away From Home 0
Banjo Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson was .... 0
Bank Field of Beans 0
Bankole Build a home for me. 0
Bankroft Pasture 0
Bannan Commander 0
Bannruod Famous Commander 0
Banquo The Tragedy of Macbeth 0
Banyan The Banyan Tree 0
Baptist To Dip 0
Baptiste Baptizer 0
Barabal Stranger,foreigner 0
Barabara Right,Appropriate 0
Barainka Foreign,strange 0
Baranan Ram ( Hindu Lord) 0
Baranar Foreign 0
Barasa Kenyan term meaning meeting site. 0
Barbaros Bravo; Fierce,Bravo,Fierce 0
Barbata foreign 0
Barbel Foreign or strange 0
Barberella A comic book by Jean-Claude Forest 0
Barbery Collective land of the Berber peopl .... 0
Barbeta a protective circular armour suppor .... 0
Barbetta A variation of the name Babette 0
Barbora form of Barbara used in Czech and S .... 0
Barbot A foreigh woman 0
Barbota She who is from another place 0
Barcley Birch Valley; Place Name; Where Bir .... 0
Barcvni English name for Boys 0
Bardaric ax ruler 0
Bardarik axe ruler 0
Bardawulf axe and wolf 0
Barde One who Sings Ballads 0
Bardi One who has a beard. 0
Bardolphe A bright wolf 0
Bardot French Surname 0
Bardou Axe-wielding wolf 0
Bardoul Bright wolf,ax-wielding wolf 0
Bardulph Axe-wolf 0
Barduwulf An ax-wielding wolf 0
Barend As brave as a bear 0
Baret Bear-strength 0
Barita a person whose job involves prepari .... 0

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