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Name Meaning
Cabail A man who makes ropes 0
Cabal A small secret group of people 0
Cabbrieli Sicilian form of Gabriel,meaning Go .... 0
Cabell A name of a ropemaker 0
Cabott A man who is a sailor 0
Cabrini An Italian surname,meaning one who .... 0
Cace A man who is observant and alert 0
Cacumattus A very old and rare name 0
Cada An animal who is an orphan 0
Cadabyr A person who comes from the warrior .... 0
Cadal He is a warrior at heart 0
Cadan A variant of Cadell and Kaden. It m .... 0
Cadassi To have something with the sea. 0
Caddaham One who comes from the land of the .... 0
Caddam One from the warrior`s land 0
Caddaric A leader in the battle 0
Caddarik He who leads in the battle 0
Caddawyc He is from the warrior`s town 0
Caddie A free woman 0
Cadelaria A woman born in the Candlemas 0
Cadenza A rhythmic woman 0
Cadfael The prince of the battle 0
Cadfan The peak of the battle 0
Cadhla A handsome and good-looking man 0
Cadmael The chieftain of the war 0
Cadmus An excelling person from the east 0
Cadoc He who fights the battles 0
Cadog To be in the battle 0
Cadogan To find honor in the battle 0
Cador A name of the King Arthur`s nephew 0
Cadwal The battle leader,commander 0
Cadwared An English Boy name 0
Cadwgan The glorious one in the battle 0
Cadwgon To have glory in the battle 0
Cadwur Warrior or soldier. 0
Cadynn A rhytmic girl 0
Caecca A british male name 0
Caeden A modern made up name 0
Caedmon One who fights in the battle 0
Caedwalla A name of the King Arthur`s nephew 0
Caedyn A round man 0
Caefca A Boy name of English origin 0
Caega A Sanish male name 0
Caege A male name of Spanish origin 0
Caegel An independent,self assured and con .... 0
Caegi An English name for Boys 0
Caegin An English Boy name 0
Caegla An old English name 0
Caela A woman who is slender 0
Caelan A warrior of power 0
Caelci A powerful soldier 0
Caelen He is a strong soldier 0
Caelian A man from heaven 0
Caelic Heavenly man 0
Caelius A person from heaven 0
Caellum The sky and the heavens 0
Caelum He is from the skies 0
Caelyn A heavenly girl 0
Caemlyn A woman from the skies 0
Caera Caera is a variant form of Cara and .... 0

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