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Name Meaning
Daaiyah The one who follows Christ 0
Daavid A beloved friend 0
Dabbs The one from Albinius 0
Daberechi Lean on God,one who is dependent on .... 0
Dabiku Offering 0
Dabora A Bee 0
Dabria An angel of death 0
Dac The one of practical nature 0
Daca Dramatic and easy going 0
Daci Possibility; providing hope,Possibi .... 0
Dacia The one from South 0
Daciana Roman name,full of strength 0
Daduidog A daredevil 0
Daecca One who has supernatural powers 0
Daeccel The choosy one 0
Daeda A craftsman 0
Daedca A blacksmith 0
Daeddel A Dove in the woods 0
Daeddi A direct individual 0
Daedheah A happy and eager person 0
Daeg Daylight; first thing of the mornin .... 0
Daegal Night dweller 0
Daegan Hairy and black 0
Daegel Dark stream 0
Daegga A genuine and rhyming individual 0
Daegheard Realist; one living in reality,Real .... 0
Daegla An affectionate person 0
Daeja Already,strong person 0
Daelan Supernatural blacksmith 0
Daelyn A very small valley 0
Daemon A Guardian 0
Daena One from Denmark 0
Daenerys A created name 0
Daesgesage Eyes of day 0
Daewon Merciful; humane,Merciful,humane 0
Dafa An able person 0
Daffodil Rare flower 0
Dafina High worthy individual 0
Dafni Laurel bush 0
Dagbjart Daylight,bright day 0
Dagbjartur Daylight or bright day. 0
Daggi A maid 0
Daghan Good hearted person 0
Dagmar A mother 0
Dagmara Maiden,unmarried 0
Dagna A special day 0
Dagnija Day 0
Dagny A speacial new day 0
Dagoberto Day filled with glory 0
Dagomara A glorious day 0
Dagonet Another name for Arthur`s fool 0
Dagrun A secret lore 0
Dagur Day in Icelandic language. 0
Dahlea One living in the valley 0
Dahna Respectful lady 0
Daiana A goddess 0
Daichi From the earth 0
Daiki The noble one; filled with radiance .... 0
Dailey Collect together 0
Dailyn Pretty flower 0

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