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Name Meaning
Fabiana A little woman who farms beans 0
Fabianne A weoman who grows beans 0
Fabiano A man who grows beans 0
Fabien He who grows beans for a living 0
Fabienne A lady of the bean farm 0
Fabriana A woman who is crafty 0
Fabrice A crafty man who works with his han .... 0
Fabricio A man who is very crafty 0
Fabrizia A woman with crafty hands 0
Fabrizio A man who is a craftsman 0
Fabyen A man who is a bean farmer 0
Facca The sheep in the pasture. 0
Fadda The flock of the sheep in the meado .... 0
Faddei A boy who is brave and valiant. 0
Fadekunmi Add crown to me or add crown for me .... 0
Fadey A man who is bold and very brave 0
Fadeyka A man who is brave and valiant. 0
Fadeyushka Brave and courageous 0
Fadhili Aid,favor,compassion,and kindness. 0
Faela One who is beautiful like a daybrea .... 0
Faele One who is like dawn 0
Faelynn W woman who is like a beutiful fair .... 0
Faerrleah She looks likea a fairy 0
Faerwald A person who is mighty travelor 0
Fafner Name of a dragon in Norse mythology .... 0
Fahrni A variant of Farni,a topographic na .... 0
Fairamay A fair maiden 0
Fairbanks A bank along the pathway 0
Fairlay A meadow of bulls 0
Fairlee A bull meadow 0
Fairleigh One who is from the ram meadow 0
Fairley One who is from the yellow meadow 0
Fairlight A light that is shining bright 0
Fairman He who is fair 0
Falca A versatile,desirable and generous .... 0
Falco Surname related to falconry 0
Falconer A falcon keeper 0
Falconner One who trains falcons 0
Falda With folded wings. 0
Faline A catlike girl 0
Falken Surname related to falconry 0
Falkner One who trains falcons 0
Fallyn She who is in charge 0
Falta English name for Boys 0
Fanaka Prosperity or success 0
Fanchon One with freedom 0
Fannar Snow,warrior or army. 0
Fanndas Snow woman or snow goddess. 0
Fannvci A rational and thoughtful natured i .... 0
Fantasia A fantasy 0
Fantina One who acts like a child 0
Fantino A form of Fantinus,meaning baby bo .... 0
Fanucus English name for Boys 0
Faolan One who runs with the wolves 0
Faragars An accepting,rational and refined i .... 0
Farahilde Traveling,battle 0
Faraja Comfort,relief or rest. 0
Faramundo The one who travels with protection .... 0
Farashuu Kenyan word for butterfly 0
Farayioluwa I rely on God. 0

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