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Name Meaning
Ga One who tills and is a farmer 0
Gaarwine A close mate with a spear. 0
Gabbara Great 0
Gabbie A nice girl of God 0
Gabbs A detail loving person who is conse .... 0
Gabela A confident and determined woman. 0
Gabie A woman of God 0
Gabija Refers to hide or protect. 0
Gabrianna God gives me strength. 0
Gabrijel Croatian form of Gabriel,meaning Go .... 0
Gabrijela A variant of Gabrielle,meaning Woma .... 0
Gabryjel God is my shelter. 0
Gacoki He returns. 0
Gae Refers to delightful or blissful. 0
Gaega A topographic name,hill and stream 0
Gaela The girls who made her father happy .... 0
Gaelen The one who keeps his mind firm und .... 0
Gaelle Another name for Celtic people. 0
Gaenbald A person who is a reserved and resp .... 0
Gaenbeald One who is versatile and religious .... 0
Gaenburh An alluring,noble and high spirited 0
Gaera A person who is respectable and nob .... 0
Gaerwn The fortress which reflects in whit .... 0
Gaerwulf One who is easy going and helpful b .... 0
Gaetan The one who is from Gaeta,Italy. 0
Gaetana The person who originally comes fro .... 0
Gaetano Gaeta is my home town. 0
Gaete A refined and attractive individual .... 0
Gafa An understanding and involved perso .... 0
Gah Name for a sword and pond 0
Gaheres A sensitive,mature and loyal person 0
Gaheriet An inspiring and affectionate perso .... 0
Gaheris Sons of Lot,who was an old testamen .... 0
Gaiana Universe or world. 0
Gaidar The one who expresses joy. 0
Gaidon One who appreciates life and beauty 0
Gaihom A sensitive,refined and practical p .... 0
Gailen The one who is peaceful and quiet. 0
Gailey Merry 0
Gaillard Person who is bliss and strong. 0
Gainell The one who is bliss and glittering .... 0
Gaines Fraud or dishonesty. 0
Gainor Born son of a person who is very fa .... 0
Gais The one who is pleased and cheerful .... 0
Gakere Small muscle,muscular. 0
Gakeri A small muscle. A variant of Gakere .... 0
Gakuru Elderly one. 0
Galagars A helpful person who is glorious 0
Galahad The name of one of the Arthurian le .... 0
Galant A dashing,cheerful and courageous p .... 0
Galatea Resembles the color white as milk. 0
Galatee White 0
Galatia Pure white as milk. 0
Galaxie Ultimate system of the heavenly bod .... 0
Galefridus A spontaneous and detail loving per .... 0
Galene The one who is relaxing and quiet. 0
Galenia Small,but intelligent one. 0
Galfrid The concord of God. 0
Galfridus One who spreads peace; God,One who .... 0
Gali Spring,fountain 0

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