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Name Meaning
Haakon High son,decendent 0
Hac An old,Anglo-Saxon nickname for Hac .... 0
Haca An old Anglo-Saxon byname that is n .... 0
Hacca A non complementary Anglo-Saxon nam .... 0
Hackman Servant,one who serves 0
Hadd One who is guided 0
Haddan A heath covered slope 0
Hadlea variation of the name hadley 0
Hadly variations of the name Hadley 0
Hadu A vigorous battle maiden. 0
Hae O girl who is like an ocean 0
Haeata Dawn in the Maori language. 0
Haeatatanga Light beam 0
Haeccel Energetic,compassionate,cautious 0
Haeccin A person who have a deep inner desi .... 0
Haedda An ancient Saxon name; Germanic tri .... 0
Haedde A deserving,low-born woman 0
Haeddi One who deserves something 0
Haefer A dude who looks cool but turns int .... 0
Haeferic One who owns the river meadow 0
Haegel A surname that meanis to have a hea .... 0
Haethowine Companion in war or in hard time 0
Hafoca Icelandic word meaning Havoc (origi .... 0
Hag A wrinkled old woman,a kind of the .... 0
Hagaleah From the enclosed meadow,From the p .... 0
Hagalean From the circumvented area,From the .... 0
Hagaward custodian of the hedged enclosed sp .... 0
Hagenild A bright minded person 0
Haglea Enclosed field,Enclosed meadow 0
Haglee Bordered by hedges,Surrounded by he .... 0
Hagleigh enclosed meadow,together with grazi .... 0
Hagley From the hedged enclosure 0
Hagly From the hedged enclosed space 0
Hagona An Anglo-Saxon name for a low botn .... 0
Hagop transcription of HAKOB 0
Hahana Radiance,shine or brilliance. 0
Hahona Healer 0
Hailea Food Meadow,Hay clearing 0
Haily Alternate trendy spelling of the tr .... 0
Haimona Listening 0
Hain hawthorn tree 0
Hairud She of fame and honor 0
Haiuoen Welsh Boy names 0
Hakaku White Crane 0
Haki Justice; Claim; Right; Privilege; N .... 0
Hako Highest number in the race 0
Haku White,Older brother (Japanese) lord .... 0
Hakue Pure Blessing (Buddhist) 0
Haldana A woman who is Half Danish. 0
Haldora One who is half spirited. 0
Halebeorht Bright Hero 0
Haleigha House of the Rising Sun 0
Halena Light,Brightness,Shining One 0
Halene A dedicated woman 0
Halfrith Peaceful house,peaceful home 0
Halfryta Friendlier Home 0
Haligwiella Resides by Holy Spring 0
Halinka Calm,Peaceful 0
Hallbjorn Rock and hair 0
Halldar Thor`s rock 0

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