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Name Meaning
Iarere To descend,or the descendant 0
Iassen Ash tree 0
Iavor Sycamore 0
Iben Harmony 0
Ibernia A woman belonging to Ireland. 0
Ibidolapo A term used for a child whose birth .... 0
Ibidun The birth was sweet. 0
Ibilola A girl who is born in riches. 0
Ibukunade The blessings have come to me. 0
Ibukunoluwa The blessings of God. 0
Iccauhtli The younger brother. 0
Ichtaca Nahuatl word for secret. 0
Icnoyotl Nahuatl word for friendship. 0
Idaia An active and fragile woman. 0
Idaramfon Happiness is free. 0
Idna Active,one who is active and agile. 0
Idona Norse goddess of the apples of eter .... 0
Idonia Industrious and fruitful. 0
Idowu A daughter who is born after twins. 0
Iehohapata The Lord judges 0
Ieni God is gracious and merciful 0
Ietepere Chaste,or unmarried 0
Ietoro Pre-eminence 0
Ife Love,someone who is born with an in .... 0
Ifeanyichukwu God is most powerful or no one is g .... 0
Ifechi The light of God. 0
Ifechiluru What God has done. 0
Ifechukwu The light of God. 0
Ifechukwude What God has written. 0
Ifedayo Love has turned to joy. 0
Ifede Love is here. 0
Ifedolaoluwa God has blessed our love. 0
Ifedolapo Wealth has been mixed with love. 0
Ifejesukristi The love of Jesus Christ. 0
Ifekristi The light of Christ. 0
Ifelayo Love is peace. 0
Ifelewa The beautiful love. 0
Ifemyolunna What I asked of the lord. 0
Ifeoluwadolapo God`s love has brought us wealth. 0
Ifeoluwapo God`s love is plenty. 0
Ifesowapo Love has joined us together. 0
Ifetundun Love is sweet. 0
Igitioluwotilaiye The tree of God is rooted and stron .... 0
Iglika Bulgarian word for primrose. 0
Ignac Fiery,alight 0
Ignazia Feminine form of Ignazio. It means .... 0
Ihaia God is salvation 0
Ihaka He will laugh 0
Ihapera My God is a vow 0
Ihrin Peace. 0
Ihu God rescues 0
Ihuicatl Nahuatl word for sky. 0
Ihuomachukwu God`s favor. 0
Ijeoma A good journey in life. 0
Ikaroa The long part of a fish 0
Ikeoluwa One who is under the constant care .... 0
Ikponmwosa Thank God,one who is thankful to Go .... 0
Il Superiority 0
Ilarion Bulgarian form of Hilarion,meaning .... 0
Ilda Heroine in the battle. 0

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