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Name Meaning
Jaak One who holds the heel 0
Jaakob He is a supplanter 0
Jaali Powerful 0
Jaana A sea of bitterness 0
Jaane A gracious gift of God 0
Jaani He is a gift of God 0
Jaaurr A guardian 0
Jacala One who likes truth and filled with .... 0
Jacan One who brings trouble 0
Jacelynn Yahweh may portect her 0
Jacenta A name of Hyacinth flower 0
Jachike Give praise to God or Hail God. 0
Jachim One who was established by God 0
Jachin One who establishes things 0
Jacinda One who is like the hyacinth flower 0
Jacint A Boy who like s the hyacinth flowe .... 0
Jacinth One who grows hyacinth flowers 0
Jacinthe A woman who smells lowely,like a hy .... 0
Jacke A man who believes that the God is .... 0
Jackelyn She who believes God is her protect .... 0
Jacobella Feminine form of Jacob,meaning supp .... 0
Jacquelyne God takes care and protects 0
Jacquelynne Supplanter. A variation of Jacqueli .... 0
Jacquetta A little one who God may protect 0
Jacquette A little girl who might be under go .... 0
Jadelyn A jaded,tired woman 0
Jadesola Come out into wealth. 0
Jadesolaoluwa One who has come out to the wealth .... 0
Jadona One who was heard by Jehovah 0
Jadran One who is named after the Adriatic .... 0
Jadranko A man who belongs to Hadria,or from .... 0
Jadwiga One who is war refuge 0
Jadwyn One who is a stonecutter`s friend 0
Jaece One who heals others 0
Jaede A woman who is good and kind 0
Jaedon He was heard by Jehovan 0
Jaeger He who is a huntsman. A surname 0
Jaela A hebrew name meaning a Mountain go .... 0
Jaenbeorht An Archbishop`s name 0
Jaenbert The bright follower of God 0
Jafaru A Boy whose home is near the creek 0
Jagadha He is the whole universe 0
Jagadishwar He is the King of the universe 0
Jagoda A girl sweet as a strawberry 0
Jaguar A wild cat,to be like a jaguar 0
Jahzeel A hastheth of God 0
Jaidee He is like a gree gem stone 0
Jaidlynn A girl with jaded eyes 0
Jailand A youthful. energetic and talented .... 0
Jaimah She is a replacement 0
Jaimarie One who is sour victor 0
Jaimes A supstitude,a replacement 0
Jaimey One who is always a substitude 0
Jaimy He who replaces 0
Jaisil A Renown folk 0
Jaiyeola One who is enjoying a wealthy life. 0
Jak Gracious is the Lord 0
Jakab The God looks after him 0
Jakan A wise troubled man 0
Jakemina A raised up woman 0

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