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Name Meaning
Kaamjaa An easy going and approachable indi .... 0
Kaapro Kaapro means Strong man of God 0
Kaare Kare name means Man of Heart 0
Kaari Kaari menas Rare Excelance,Precious .... 0
Kaarle Kaarle means Strong 0
Kaarlo The name means The Strong One 0
Kaatje The name Kaatje means The One who i .... 0
Kabari Kabari name means A Lock of Hair 0
Kabarish Kabaridh means A King of Kings 0
Kabelo Kabelo means Given 0
Kacen Kacen means Descendant from the Vig .... 0
Kacha Kasha means a Cloud 0
Kachisicho God`s desire 0
Kachiside As God has written it or the will o .... 0
Kacibrel Kacibrel means Alert 0
Kadama Kadama means Sweet Meat 0
Kadambak The meaning of the name is Cloud 0
Kadhiyarka Kadhiyarka means With Lots of Love 0
Kadison A humble gift from God 0
Kadmbari Kadmbari meansGoddess Saraswati 0
Kadynce The mane means "A melodic or harmon .... 0
Kaeb A trusted person who like surprises 0
Kaede Kaede means Maple 0
Kaedy Kaedy means Pure,Unsullied 0
Kaedyn A fighter,a companion fighter 0
Kaelia Kaelia means Holder of the Keys 0
Kaemon Keamon means Righhanded 0
Kaethe Kaethe means Pure 0
Kaetochukwu May God be praised. 0
Kafui Praise him 0
Kagaji The name Kagaji means Paper Maker 0
Kagami Kagami means Mirror 0
Kagan Kagan means Thinker,Fiery 0
Kagen Kagen means Fiery 0
Kagola Name of a devotee of a great sage 0
Kagome Kagome means Lost 0
Kaheru Digging instrument,or decorative wr .... 0
Kahikatea Pine tree found in New Zealand. A v .... 0
Kahikatoa Manuka or red pine tree 0
Kahlan Kahlan name means Strong Leader 0
Kahlika The name means Rosebud 0
Kahu Harrier hawk,or cloak 0
Kahuiwi Cloak particular to a certain tribe .... 0
Kahukura Rainbow 0
Kaianna Kaianna means Victory of the People 0
Kaihautu Leader,a man or woman with leadersh .... 0
Kaille The name means Womanly 0
Kaillie The name means Church,Monastary 0
Kailum Kailum means The one who Has the Ke .... 0
Kailynn Kailynn name means Meadow,Waterfall 0
Kaine Kaine means Spear,Battle 0
Kainus Kainus name means Sober 0
Kainyechukwuekene Let`s praise the Lord. 0
Kairaluchukwu Let`s leave it to God. 0
Kairi Kairi means Ocean Village 0
Kairos Kairos name means Right Moment 0
Kairy Kairy means Sea 0
Kaisee Kaisee means To Shine 0
Kaisley Kaisley means Studious,Enlighted an .... 0
Kaisoluchukwu Let`s follow God. 0

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