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Name Meaning
Labrencis Latvian variant of Lawrence. It mea .... 0
Lacramioara Lily of the Valley 0
Lacrima Tear 0
Ladislava She who rules with glory. 0
Laire Mare 0
Lamorna Name of a place in Cornwall. 0
Langit Heaven or paradise 0
Laomedon The one who governs . 0
Larsa Name of a Sumerian city in southern .... 0
Latasi Praise 0
Latorunwa One who has descended from heaven. 0
Lauma Name of a forest spirit in Baltic m .... 0
Laumina Latvian word for pixie. 0
Laurentiu Romanian form of Laurentius,meaning .... 0
Layacna His or her sail 0
Lazda Hazel 0
Lebechi Look unto God. 0
Leiaolfr Chief wolf. 0
Leifr A variant of Leifur,meaning heir. 0
Leifur Heir or successor. 0
Lenuta A mild natured woman. 0
Leocharis Lion`s grace. 0
Leoluca The name is a combination of Leo or .... 0
Leoluchina Feminine diminutive of Leoluca. 0
Leonhards Latvian form of Leonard. It means l .... 0
Leonnatos One who is dashing like the lion. 0
Leos A form of Leo,meaning lion. 0
Leroux The red haired one. 0
Leutrim Brave,full of bravery 0
Leysa Defender of man 0
Libena Love 0
Libor Free 0
Libuse Love 0
Lichuen Light,the one who spreads light. 0
Liege Gentle and smooth. 0
Likem Establish me 0
Lilija Icelandic form of Lily,meaning pure .... 0
Liosha Liosha is a variation of Aliosha,me .... 0
Liridona One who is longing for freedom. 0
Lisbete God is perfection 0
Liuni Sicilian form of Leo,meaning lion. 0
Ljiljan Lily flower 0
Ljot Light,one who fills lives of everyo .... 0
Ljubo Peace and love. 0
Ljubomir One who loves peace. 0
Locryn Cornish form of Locrinus. It`s the .... 0
Lolade God is with you. 0
Lotachukwu Remember God 0
Lotanna Remember the father or the God 0
Lothaire Famous army 0
Lovise Famous warrior 0
Lovre Short form of Lovrenco. It means fr .... 0
Lovrenco Croatian form of Lawrence,meaning f .... 0
Lovro Short form of Lovrenc. 0
Lowdy A name given to children born on a .... 0
Lowen Cornish vocabulary name meaning joy .... 0
Lubos Love`s peace 0
Lucely A variation of Lucia,meaning light. 0
Lucijan One who is born into light. 0
Luciu A form of Lucius,meaning illuminati .... 0

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