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Name Meaning
Maaka Maaka is the Maori version of Mark. .... 0
Maaolfr The fearless wolf. 0
Mabayoje Yoruba term meaning do not destroy .... 0
Machara Plain 0
Machupa One who likes to drink. 0
Madern One who is lucky and fortunate 0
Madlenka Of Magdala 0
Mado Woman of Magdala 0
Madonudenu My confidence is in Him (God) 0
Maeiaur Something that`s bright and clear. 0
Maeret A form of Margaret;Pearl; Little Fa .... 0
Magahet One who is honest,truthful. 0
Magone Poppy flower 0
Mahogaa He is thirsty 0
Mahoyu A man who is strong and tough 0
Mahuika Mahuika is the name of the Maori Go .... 0
Mahuizoh A glorious person 0
Maidali Brightness 0
Maipe Fiery or hot 0
Majekodunmi Do not let it be a thing of pain. 0
Makafui I will praise Him 0
Makalani Clerk 0
Makareta Makareta is the Maori form of Marga .... 0
Maksims The greatest 0
Makuachukwu Embrace God. 0
Malen Maiden or of Magdala 0
Malike I will be established 0
Malinalxochitl The grass flower. 0
Malkuno Little prince 0
Mamaisa He who likes being alone or solitar .... 0
Mames One who is sweet or kind. 0
Mandere Beautiful beads 0
Manford Protected ford; A variant of name M .... 0
Manfredi Sicilian form of Manfred. It means .... 0
Manneville From the great estate 0
Mapappa Someone who has been detached or re .... 0
Marcario Bless,blessed by God 0
Marcellin Marcellin is a form of Marc and mea .... 0
Marcellino Maori is the Maori of Mark and mean .... 0
Marcu A form of Marcus,meaning God of war .... 0
Marete Pearl,a variant of Margaret. 0
Margh Margh is Cornish form of Mark and m .... 0
Margrieta Pearl 0
Margrjet Icelandic version of Margaret,meani .... 0
Maricara A sea of bitterness,or rebelliousne .... 0
Marik A form of Mark,meaning warlike,mart .... 0
Mariliza Star of the sea 0
Mariutza A dark-skinned woman. 0
Marku Romanian form of Marcus,meaning def .... 0
Markuss Dedicated to Mars (the Roman god of .... 0
Marouane A solid stone from marou that was u .... 0
Martisha Martial or warlike 0
Marynia Ukrainian variant of Mary,meaning b .... 0
Maryska Ukrainian variant of Mary,meaning b .... 0
Maslen Little twin 0
Massen Cornish form of Maximus,meaning gre .... 0
Massimianu Massimianu is derived from the name .... 0
Mataj Gift of God. A form of Matous. 0
Matapang He who is brave and spirited 0
Matas Gift of God 0

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