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Name Meaning
Naade A boy who is born in royalty. 0
Nadaada A variant of Nadeja,meaning hope. 0
Nadeja Hope 0
Nafula One who was born during the rainy s .... 0
Nagodeallah I thank God. 0
Naile She who is tall and slender. 0
Nairna Dweller at the alder tree river 0
Namacuix King 0
Nandru Romanian form of Frithnanth,meaning .... 0
Nanyamka God`s gift 0
Napo Wave or surf 0
Napona His wave 0
Narfi Thin 0
Nastashia A variant of Anastasia. It means re .... 0
Nastasiya Ukrainian version of Anastasia,mean .... 0
Nastasja Risen by baptism to new life 0
Nastenka A form of Natasha,meaning resurrect .... 0
Nastka Resurrection 0
Nastunye Ukrainian version of Anastasia,mean .... 0
Natanail Bulgarian form of Nathanael,meaning .... 0
Natasia Canadian version of Anastasia,meani .... 0
Nchedochukwu God`s protection. 0
Nchekwube Trust in God. 0
Nduta Teach me 0
Ndwiga Kenyan word for giraffe. 0
Nebojsa Without fear 0
Necuametl King 0
Neculai Romanian form of Nikolaos,meaning v .... 0
Nedelcho Sunday in Bulgarian language. 0
Nedelya Sunday in Bulgarian language. 0
Nehuen A man who is mighty and strong 0
Neleh Beautiful light 0
Neofit Bulgarian form of Neophytos,meaning .... 0
Neoptolemus New war 0
Nettunu A form of Neptune,meaning wet,damp .... 0
Nezahualcoyotl The fasting coyote. Also the name o .... 0
Nezahualpilli A prince who fasts. 0
Ngendo A traveler 0
Ngina One who serves 0
Ngozichukwuka God`s blessings are best. 0
Nicolet People of victory. A variation of N .... 0
Nicu Pet form of the name Nicolae,meanin .... 0
Nicusor Pet form of the name Nicolæ, .... 0
Nikanor Victory 0
Nikifor Blugarian form of Nicephorus,meanin .... 0
Nikolajs A form of Nicholas,meaning people`s .... 0
Ninson Name of Gilgamesh`s mother. 0
Ninwa Capital of Assyria 0
Njeri Daughter of a warrior. 0
Njoki She who returned. 0
Nopaltzin A consistent man. 0
Norice A term used for caretaker 0
Nuhro Holy light 0
Nukh Assyrian variant of Noah,meaning co .... 0
Numilekunoluwa Clean my tears,Lord. 0
Nyaguthii A traveler 0
Nyakpoo A calm answer 0
Nyambura Born of the rain. 0
Nyanjera Born on the way. 0
Nyawira One who is hard working. 0

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