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Name Meaning
Obafemi The King loves me. 0
Obaloluwa God is the king. 0
Obasolape Yoruba term meaning God has made hi .... 0
Obatotosinloluwa God is indeed worthy of praise. 0
Obuya Born when the garden was overgrown. 0
Ochieng Born in the daytime. 0
Ociel Heaven,heavenly 0
Odbart One who is wealthy and rich. 0
Odelinda Little wealthy one 0
Odeta Blue sea 0
Odikinyi One who was born in the early morni .... 0
Odisej To hate or to be grieved. 0
Odongo Second of twins. 0
Odour Born after midnight. 0
Odunayo Year of happiness. 0
Oehoo One who is watchful,vigilant. 0
Oeznik Slovak word for butcher. 0
Ogechukwukana The time spent worshiping God is th .... 0
Ognian Variant transcription of Ognyan,mea .... 0
Ognyan Derived from Bulgarian word ognen,m .... 0
Ognyana Feminine form of Ognyan,meaning fie .... 0
Ogooluwa The glory of God. 0
Ohon The name is preserved. 0
Ojwang One who survived despite neglect. 0
Okello One who was born after twins. 0
Okeyo One who was born during the harvest .... 0
Olabamiji Wealth wakes with me. 0
Olabisi The joy is multiple. 0
Olabode Wealth has come home. 0
Oladayo Wealth has become joy. 0
Olavo Elf army 0
Oldoich Prosperity and power 0
Olorunyomi God has saved me 0
Oluchi The work of god. 0
Olumoroti I stand with God 0
Oluoch One who was born on a cloudy day. 0
Olusola God has blessed me 0
Oluwabusola God adds to my wealth. 0
Oluwafunbi God gave this to me. 0
Oluwagbenga God has lifted me up. 0
Oluwatoke God is worthy to be adored. 0
Omariba Kenyan word for clay. 0
Omondi He who was born at dawn. 0
Omwancha He who loves people. 0
Ondoej A male warrior 0
Onkwani He who talks a lot. 0
Onofria Name of an ancient Egyptian God. 0
Opiyo First of the twins. 0
Orazziu Sicilian form of Horatius,meaning h .... 0
Ordelia Elf`s spear 0
Orisa An angelic manifestation. 0
Ornela Black ash tree 0
Orvalle One from the golden village. 0
Orynko Peace,a woman who is peaceful by na .... 0
Osarogie God is the king. 0
Osk Longing or desiring. 0
Osogo The Osogo birth. 0
Otakar He who is watchful of wealth. 0
Othenio Give birth by night. 0
Othiambo One who was born in the evening. 0

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