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Name Meaning
Paharita Little bird 0
Palakh A worker 0
Palkha Soldier 0
Pamelina Honeyed,sweet like honey 0
Pamelyn Honey,Sweet,All sweetness,Made from .... 0
Pamilekunayo One who brings tears of joy. 0
Pamina Honey,Sweet,All sweetness,Made from .... 0
Panayiota Panayiota is a Cyprus form of Panag .... 0
Panayiotis Panayiotis is a variant of Panagiot .... 0
Papan Nahuatl word for flag. 0
Parmenion The descendant of Parmenon. 0
Parsla Flake 0
Partait The one who is perfect 0
Parthenope Old Greek - Maiden,Virgin,A variant .... 0
Pasca Feminine forms of Pasco,meaning Eas .... 0
Pascali A form of Pascal,meaning born on Ea .... 0
Pascaline A girl born during Easter 0
Pascow A variant of Pascal,meaning Easter. 0
Patient Kind,Soft-spoken,tolerant,Mild-temp .... 0
Patur Icelandic form of Peter. It means r .... 0
Paulu Sicilian variant of Paul,meaning sm .... 0
Pausanias Name of a Spartan king. It means gr .... 0
Pavils Latvian variant of Paul,meaning lit .... 0
Pegeen Old Greek - Pearl,A variant contrac .... 0
Peggi Old Greek - Pearl,A variant contrac .... 0
Peithon The one who persuades. 0
Pemba African - Force of present existenc .... 0
Penda African - Admired,Loved,Beloved,A v .... 0
Pendle Hill 0
Penha African - Admired,Loved,Beloved,A v .... 0
Penko Bulgarian diminutive of Peter,meani .... 0
Perahta Glorious 0
Peran Little dark one. 0
Perdikkas Partridge. 0
Perdy Latin - Lost,A variant of Perdita 0
Peregrine Latin - Traveller,Wanderer,A varian .... 0
Perenelle Feminine form of name Petronille 0
Perenna Eternal,recurring,Everlasting,Endur .... 0
Perin Latin - Beautiful Angel,Water Angel 0
Pero Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant .... 0
Perouze Armenian - Turquoise 0
Perrine Old Greek - Rock,Stone,A variant of .... 0
Persayis Latin - Little,Humble,A feminine va .... 0
Pertessa Of the Countess 0
Pervinca Name of a plant called periwinkle,N .... 0
Peryn Variation of a habitational Surname .... 0
Peswera Cornish vocabulary name meaning fou .... 0
Petal English - A part of a flower`s blos .... 0
Petaline A variant of Petal,Resembling a Pet .... 0
Peteris Son of Peter. 0
Petka Friday or preparation. 0
Petronela Petronela is the Romanian version o .... 0
Petrov A form of Peter. It means rock. 0
Petrova Old Greek - Rock,Stone,A variant of .... 0
Petti Noble,Bright,Famous 0
Peukestas One who is sharp. 0
Peyson Little Rock,A feminine form of Pete .... 0
Peytin A variant of Peyton which means Reg .... 0
Phaedonas Old Greek - Bright; Shining; A vari .... 0
Phaedron Old Greek - Bright; Shining; A vari .... 0

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