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Name Meaning
Sabjarn Sea bear in Icelandic. 0
Safranka Saffron flower. 0
Sairka Maiden who aids in battle 0
Sajonara Farewell 0
Salbjarg House,hall or castle 0
Saldas Sun goddess,or woman of the great h .... 0
Saliba Assyrian word meaning cross. 0
Salomao One who likes peace,peaceable 0
Sanctity Holiness 0
Sanela Healthy 0
Sangodele The God of thunder has come. 0
Sardis A Biblical name,meaning prince of j .... 0
Sareola One who is walking towards getting .... 0
Sarki Chief 0
Sarlota Croatian variant of Caroline,meanin .... 0
Sarlote Free man 0
Sasho Bulgarian diminutive of Alexander,m .... 0
Sawuah Painter 0
Schwanhilde Icelandic term for swan. 0
Sead Fortunate,happy 0
Seain God is gracious 0
Searlus Manly 0
Seghen Ostrich 0
Seignour Lord of the manor 0
Seleukos To be light or to be white. 0
Semyazza The name of a fallen Christian ange .... 0
Sennet Wise and sagacious man. 0
Seok Like a rock 0
Serban Someone from Serbia. 0
Serenata Serenade,evening music 0
Sergiu A form of Serghei,possibly sergeant .... 0
Sesila Croatian form of Cecilia,meaning bl .... 0
Seung Successor or winning 0
Severu Severu is obtained from Severus and .... 0
Seye Honor 0
Shabeh A week 0
Shakale The almighty 0
Shamash The sun 0
Shamiram Name of the first Assyrian queen 0
Shamoun A form of Simon. It means he has he .... 0
Shantay Enchanted 0
Sharro A man in a high religious position. 0
Sharukin True king 0
Sharukina Female version of Sharukin. It mean .... 0
Shenice God is gracious and merciful 0
Shik Planting 0
Shimeka A beautiful princess 0
Shooshan Assyrian form of Susan. It means li .... 0
Shoyebi A word used for wizards who wards o .... 0
Sidonia A woman who comes from the acient c .... 0
Sidonius One who comes from an ancient city .... 0
Siek Hearkening 0
Sigered He who gives a counsel that brings .... 0
Sigourney Victorious conqueror 0
Sigqibo One who has a sense of responsibili .... 0
Sigraaur Iceland form of Sigrid,meaning vict .... 0
Sigreda A wise councel that brings victory 0
Sigrunn The secret victories 0
Sigstein A stone victory,a victory written i .... 0
Sigurbjorn A victorious soldier. 0

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