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Name Meaning
Taavetti From the hebrew david means beloved .... 0
Taavi Derivative of david,dearly loved 0
Tabbart A brilliant man 0
Tabbatha Resembling a gazelle,known for beau .... 0
Tabbitha Resembling a gazelle,known for beau .... 0
Tabea From the ecclesiastic greek tabeith .... 0
Tabia Polite behavior and talented 0
Tabrett Derived from pre-medieval word tabo .... 0
Tace Derivative of the english name taci .... 0
Tacita Feminine variation of tacitus means .... 0
Tacito Silent 0
Tacitus Not making any sound or noise; Name .... 0
Tacoma From the snowy mountain peak 0
Tada Came from thaddea means heart 0
Taddeo Italian of thaddeus; A gift of God, .... 0
Tadenikawo Person under the protection of the .... 0
Tadeusz Praised and desired gift of God 0
Tadg Philosopher; someone who is engaged .... 0
Tadgh A poet; Honored by God,A poet,Honor .... 0
Tadhg Bard,one reciting epics; A mythical .... 0
Tadtaotao One who has no people 0
Tadzio Having a heart 0
Taedra A gift received from God 0
Tael Delicate leaf 0
Taelor A form of taylor 0
Taemon One with good morals; Well behaved .... 0
Taeppa A person who is very tall and slim 0
Taesa A woman reaper 0
Taeta Derivative of taite which means che .... 0
Taetel One who has the power to control 0
Taetwa A quick witted individual who think .... 0
Tafaye He who is not wise 0
Taffeta Of ancient italian culture 0
Taffryn He who comes from a very tall hill 0
Taga Chop 0
Tagara A merchant 0
Taggert A prelate`s son 0
Taguhi Wife of a king 0
Tahbert Shining brilliantly 0
Tahesha Pleasure someone feels 0
Tahki Completely,without anything left 0
Tahlia Lamb or lambkin 0
Tahliah Morning dew 0
Tahna Abbreviation of tatiana which is fe .... 0
Tahurer One who plays the drum 0
Taide Derived from ancient greek,thais. A .... 0
Taidgh Person who loves to write poetry 0
Taidhgin Someone who studies ideas about kno .... 0
Taiel A woman who is wealthy and affluent .... 0
Taig Someone who puts their emotions int .... 0
Taige Child of the sun 0
Taighan Good looking man or a poet 0
Taigi Returning of the moon 0
Taigue One who likes to seek theories 0
Taika A spell,charm,set of words to invok .... 0
Tailayag No sail 0
Tailer A form of taylor 0
Taillefer One who carves or cuts iron 0
Tailynn From the vietnamese word tai which .... 0
Taimi Young tree with a slender trunk 0

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