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Name Meaning
Udaki Name of the king of Minni. 0
Udele Prosperous 0
Udumelue Crowned with honor and pride 0
Uggi Fear of something,phobia,fear 0
Ugoulo Pride of a home. 0
Uiara The water lady 0
Ukubu Reward 0
Uldwyna A special friend. 0
Ulfhrafn A combination of the words wolf and .... 0
Ulfr Wolf 0
Ulrich Prosperity and power. 0
Unndis Loving woman,or woman of the wave 0
Unnr A variant of Unnur,meaning wave. 0
Unnur Wave 0
Upravda The upright one. 0
Urania Heaven or heavenly 0
Uras The God of light. 0
Urien Privileged birth. 0
Uril My light 0
Urma Date fruit 0
Ursule Ursule is a variant of Ursula and m .... 0
Ursulette Female bear cub 0
Urzula Female bear cub. 0
Uschi Young bear 0
Uxaa A woman who is wellborn and well fe .... 0
Uxao A man who is well born and well fed 0

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