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Name Meaning
Vadim Ruler 0
Vagi A fighter 0
Vagolfr The battling wolf. 0
Vaiclava More glory 0
Valdimar Ruler of the ocean. 0
Valentan One who is healthy and strong 0
Valentim Brazilian variant of Valentine,mean .... 0
Valera Brave and valiant. 0
Valerian Valiant 0
Valerija Strong 0
Valerijs One who is brave and valiant. 0
Valeriu Romanian form of Valerius,meaning t .... 0
Valeska She who is glorious 0
Valgeraur Ruler or protection 0
Valintinianu Sicilian form of Valentinianus,mean .... 0
Valjeta Dawning 0
Valko Derived from Bulgarian valk,meaning .... 0
Vallois A Welshman 0
Valpurga Female master of the tower. 0
Valters To rule,army or warrior. 0
Vanceslav More glory 0
Vangelija Macedonian form of Evangeline,meani .... 0
Vanko God`s gift 0
Vara Faith or truth 0
Varden A green slope. 0
Varonique Belgian version of Veronica,meaning .... 0
Varujan Bird of prey. 0
Varvara Bulgarian form of Barbara,meaning f .... 0
Vasil Bulgarian form of Basil,meaning kin .... 0
Vasile Romanian form of Vasilios,meaning k .... 0
Vasilica Pet form of Romanian Vasile,meaning .... 0
Vasilija Feminine form of Basil,meaning king .... 0
Vassil Kingly or princely. 0
Vasyklo It means noble in Ukrainian languag .... 0
Vat Life 0
Vatroslava Fire or flame. 0
Vatusia Kenyan term meaning they will leave .... 0
Vavrinec Of Laurentum 0
Veaceslav Romanian form of Vaclav,meaning mor .... 0
Vedran Clear and cheerful 0
Vedrana One who is jolly and merry. 0
Vekoslav Eternal glory 0
Velimir Great peace 0
Velna Female devil 0
Velyo Great or greatness. 0
Venera Honorable and beloved 0
Venette Woman of Venice 0
Verassimo Very true 0
Verene A variant of Verena,meaning defende .... 0
Verity Truth 0
Veronike Belgian version of Veronica,meaning .... 0
Veru Diminutive of Veronica. It means tr .... 0
Veselin Cheerful and happy soul. 0
Veselka One who`s always happy and cheerful .... 0
Vesna Messenger 0
Vespasianu Sicilian form of Vespasianu,meaning .... 0
Vespera The evening star. A variant of Vesp .... 0
Vessela Happy 0
Vestmaar A Western man 0
Veturliai Winter sea traveler. 0

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