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Name Meaning
Waceera The wanderer 0
Wachiru Son of a judge 0
Wacleah From Wake`s meadow. 0
Wadim Romanian form of Vadim,probably mea .... 0
Wadsworth From Wade`s estate. 0
Waerheall From the true man`s manor. 0
Wairimu One of the nine founders of Agikuyu .... 0
Waithaka Of the land. 0
Waitherero The better one. 0
Waitimu Born of spear. 0
Waiyaki Famous leader of the Agikuyu. 0
Wakefield The wet land. 0
Wakiuru One of the nine founders of Agikuyu .... 0
Walcot One living in the Welshman`s cottag .... 0
Walta Shield 0
Wamai The one who came from the water. 0
Wambua Born during the rain 0
Wambui The singer of songs. 0
Wamugunda Of the land 0
Wamuhu Born of ashes 0
Wamuiru A dark skinned beauty. 0
Wamukota One who is left handed. 0
Wamwarav He who is intelligent. 0
Wamweru One who is light skinned. 0
Wangai Born of God. 0
Wangari A leopard 0
Wangera A traveler 0
Wangombe Of the cattle. 0
Wangondu Of the sheep 0
Wangu The one who gathers the firewood. 0
Wanja The one from without. 0
Wanjala Brewer 0
Wanjeri Born of Njeri. 0
Wanjiku One of the nine founders of Agikuyu .... 0
Wanjiru One of the nine founders of Agikuyu .... 0
Wanjohi Kenyan word for brewer. 0
Waruhiu One who always bears a weapon. 0
Warui One who comes from the river. 0
Wasaki The Enemy 0
Watkins Army ruler or general. 0
Waweru Born of plain. 0
Waynette The wagon maker. 0
Wekesa Born during the time the crops gath .... 0
Wenceslaus Great glory 0
Wenna Cornish form of Gwen,meaning white, .... 0
Weylin The land by the road. 0
Whan Enlargement 0
Whina Helper,a helpful and kind girl. 0
Wikitoria Victorious. A Maori variation of Vi .... 0
Willermus Determined guardian 0
Wiloughby A willow farm worker 0
Winda Chasing for food. 0
Winta Desire 0
Wiremu Maori form of William. It means pro .... 0
Withypoll The twighead. 0
Woelinam In God I trust 0
Wokabi She is of the Maasai. 0
Woong Grand and magnificent 0
Wright The wagon maker 0

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