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Name Meaning
Zabel Name of a king of the country of th .... 0
Zacchaeus Clean and pure 0
Zadie Princess 0
Zagorka Behind the mountain. 0
Zaharia Romanian word for moon. 0
Zaila Beautiful,Good Looking,Charming 0
Zaklina A version of Jakov,meaning God will .... 0
Zamar Singer 0
Zariel Lion princess 0
Zayno Weapon 0
Zdanka Of Sidon 0
Zdenak Of Sidon 0
Zdenka To build or create. 0
Zdislav Here is glory 0
Zdravka Health and wellness. 0
Zdravko Derived from Slavic zdrav meaning h .... 0
Zeferino West wind 0
Zelene Sunshine 0
Zelimir One who desires peace. 0
Zelimirka One who desires. 0
Zeljka Wish or desire. 0
Zeljko One who desires peace. 0
Zelsana Prosperity 0
Zelta Gold 0
Zenevieva White wave 0
Zenovia A variant of Zenobia,meaning life o .... 0
Zephirah Dawn 0
Zephyr Wind 0
Zerenity Romanian form of Serenity,meaning c .... 0
Zeuxis To bind or join together. 0
Zhelyazko Derived from Bulgarian zhelyazo,mea .... 0
Zhivka Feminine form of Zhivko,meaning lif .... 0
Ziarre Goddess of the sky. 0
Zigfrids Victory,peace,protection,safety. 0
Zikoranachidinma Show the world that Lord is good. 0
Zilya Old Greek - Hunter,Harvester,Guardi .... 0
Zinachidinma Show that the Lord is good. 0
Zinaida Daughter of Zeus. 0
Zitomira To live famously. 0
Zlata Golden 0
Zlatica Gold 0
Zlatko One who is golden haired. 0
Zoelie Life 0
Zoffany Celestial,or a heavenly gift 0
Zofie A form of Sofia,meaning wisdom. 0
Zoi Old Greek - Life,A variant form of .... 0
Zoilos One who is vivacious 0
Zoja Old Greek - Life,A variant form of .... 0
Zorica Dawn 0
Zornitsa Morning star 0
Zuhdija A practical,patient and detailed pe .... 0
Zunich Woodpecker 0
Zuza Lily or lotus flower. 0
Zuzana A variant of Zuza. It means lily or .... 0
Zuzanka Lily or lotus flower. 0
Zuzka Lily flower 0
Zvjezdana Star 0
Zvonimir The sound of peace. 0
Zvonimira Sound of peace 0

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