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Name Meaning
abilio One who is able or an expert 0
abrahan Brazilian version of Abraham,meanin .... 0
ade African - Crown,Royal,Peak ; Hebrew .... 0
alanyo His parents are apart. 0
alatea Truth 0
alipha A term meaning thousand in Brazilia .... 0
aloisio German - Fame,Loud; Fighter,Warrior .... 0
alvar Old English - Elf Army,Supernatural .... 0
ankoma A name used for the last born child .... 0
anne Grace,Favour,God is Gracious 0
artie Celtic - Stone,Bear; Greek - Follow .... 0
ashley Meadow of ash trees,Ash wood 0
atiena Guardian of the night. 0
ayiqueo One who is soft spoken and has a pl .... 0
babatunji The father returns again. 0
bartolmeu The son of Talmai. 0
batte A Brazilian tribe name,meaning tote .... 0
benedita A blessed woman 0
benison Blessing or benediction. 0
bolade Honor will come. 0
branca One who is white and fair in comple .... 0
bras A boy who talks with a lisp. 0
bud A buddy,a brother,a nickname 0
caetano One who is from Caieta 0
canciana One belonging to Anzio,Italy. 0
carley This woman is free 0
carlito A little dear Boy 0
carlitos He is an endearing little Boy 0
casimiro He proclaims peace 0
catalonia Name of a region in Spain 0
catina A chaste and innocent girl 0
cayfutray A celestial waterfall. 0
charo A Rosary 0
chaz Free Man,Variant of Carl,Man 0
chinara Received by God 0
chukwueneka God is kind to us. 0
clarinda Something that has a very nice clar .... 0
claudio Crippled; one who cannot walk; lame .... 0
clemente Merciful; lenient; soft hearted; lo .... 0
coloma Dove 0
constancia Steadfast,reliable and trustworthy 0
corliss Good hearted,generous,cheerful and .... 0
cristiano Italian and Portuguese form of Chri .... 0
danielan God is my judge. 0
daulton One who belongs to the valley 0
daysi Name of a flower,lovely 0
demetrio One who brings rain; an Earth lover .... 0
dimas A compassionate and good thief who .... 0
dionisio They have the power of all the Gods 0
doanne Low and rolling hills. 0
doroteia A variant of Dorothea,meaning gift .... 0
drake One who has the power of snake and .... 0
dyke Dike or ditch 0
eastre The bright Moon; content,The bright .... 0
eduarda Famous bearer of light and energy 0
eduardo The holder of rich property 0
efigenia The one who is born to be strong 0
eleuterio The liberator 0
emerico The power of work. 0
enricua Female form of Enrique,meaning all .... 0

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