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Name Meaning
Abell Exhalation of Breath; A Variant of .... 0
Aber Yiddish form of Abraham which means .... 0
Aberlin Yiddish form of Abraham which means .... 0
Abie Father of Many; Diminutive of Abrah .... 0
Abigael The father`s joy,or rejoice 0
Abiyram My lord is of high esteem 0
Abramo high father; father of a multitude, .... 0
Abrasha Yiddish form of Abraham,meaning Fat .... 0
Abrial Variant of Abraham that means fathe .... 0
Abryanna The father of all or many 0
Adim In Hebrew - Man; A variant of name .... 0
Ahrun Assyrian form of Aaron,meaning exal .... 0
Aitan Hebrew - Strong 0
Alon Hebrew - Oak; Gothic - Noble and Re .... 0
Alqasnona A form of Jonah. It means dove. 0
Alte An old woman. 0
Amarie Gracious under adversity,Wished for .... 0
Aniki Hebrew - God was gracious,God has s .... 0
Annily Combination of Ann and Emily,Grace, .... 0
Annukka Hebrew - God was gracious,God has s .... 0
Anschil Yiddish form of Asher,meaning fortu .... 0
Anshel Yiddish form of Asher,meaning fortu .... 0
Araminta Lofty,Invented hybrid name from Ara .... 0
Arek Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of str .... 0
Arele Yiddish form of Aaron,meaning mount .... 0
Arke The light-bringer. 0
Arnan Hebrew - Rushing Stream; Derivative .... 0
Arvio Wanderer 0
Ary Hebrew - Lion; Greek - Best; Excell .... 0
Attin Hebrew - Man; A variant of name Ada .... 0
Aver Aver is the short form of Abraham a .... 0
Avrom A form of Abraham,meaning father of .... 0
Azacca Azacca is the name of the spirit gu .... 0
Badane Given by God. 0
Baile One who is troubled. 0
Banjamen Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict .... 0
Banjamino Son of my right hand 0
Banjamon Most loved son 0
Banji Second Born of Twins 0
Banjiman Variant of Benjamin,Right-hand Son 0
Bashemath Means `fragrance,sweet-smelling` in .... 0
Batholomew Ploughman 0
Bathshua Variant of Bathsheba. 0
Bathsua daughter of prosperity 0
Batsheva Original Hebrew form of Bathsheb 0
Batty God is my oath 0
Bayit House,residence 0
Bayram Celebration; Religious Festival,Cel .... 0
Beaulah She who is married 0
Bekki A snare 0
Bete The perfection of Lord 0
Beynish Blessed 0
Bine A form of Bin,meaning bee. 0
Bladen knife 0
Blume Yiddish word for flower. 0
Breine One who is blessed. 0
Bricheve To recieve a blessing 0
Brichheve To be blessed 0
Cane One who has a spear 0
Chasya Shelter. 0

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