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Name Meaning
aengus Celtic - One Choice; A variant of n .... 0
ail From the stony place,Originating fr .... 0
danny Form of Daniel; God is My Judge 0
dave Variant of David beloved,A happy an .... 0
david Adored,Beloved One 0
davidson Son of David 0
davis St. David`s son 0
davy A cherished and precious individual 0
dearg An alluring and bold person 0
denholm A valley island; strong relationshi .... 0
diarmad They have maturity and are free men 0
domhnall Gealic form of Donald 0
don Ruler of the World 0
donal Stranger,Great Chief 0
donald A great chief who rules the world 0
donaldo A mighty king who rules many and is .... 0
donel One who is the ruler of the world 0
donell It means ruler 0
donnel Great Chief; one who is mighty and .... 0
donnell A detailed person; a great chief,A .... 0
edom Red,Red earth,One who came out of t .... 0
eideard They are the one who rule the unive .... 0
ellar A stable and loving individual; Mon .... 0
elliot One who belongs to the God 0
eoghan born of yew or youhtful. 0
errol army commander. 0
erroll someone who commands an army. 0
ervin fresh water or beautiful. 0
erving a descendant of Eiramhon. 0
ervyn a word which means someone who is a .... 0
euan born of the Yew tree. 0
evan The Lord is Gracious 0
evander good man. 0
ewan A man born of the yew tree 0
ewen One who is of the yew tree 0
fang A pen for sheep 0
farquhar A friendly and dear one 0
fergus He is a rock,a stone 0
ferguson The son of the rock 0
ferris One who makes the best choices 0
fie A darkness of peace 0
fife A Scottish surname,meaning a man fr .... 0
fingal A fair Sranger who is powerful 0
finlay A fair and heroic warrior 0
firth A small inlet or estuary of a sea 0
fletcher A maker (and seller) of arrows 0
forbes A variant of the word `Forba` it me .... 0
fraser Men from the forest; strawberries; .... 0
frasier Variant of `Fraser`,it refers to fo .... 0
frazer Derived from French word `Fraise` m .... 0
frazier A derivative from the word `Fraise` .... 0
gavan Lord Buddha 0
gaven Refers to snowy aggressor . 0
gavin White hawk,A little white falcon 0
gawain Fair enemy in the battle field. 0
gawen White color type of bird,hawk which .... 0
gawyn Bird hawk that is used in the battl .... 0
gib Gib is male name and means Servant .... 0
gil Gil is a male name of Hebrew origin .... 0
gilbert Gilbert means Shining Pledge or Bri .... 0

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