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Name Meaning
abejundio Means relating to bee or abaje 0
abran Exalted Father,Variant of Abram 0
adan Paradise,heaven. 0
adriano Latin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; .... 0
agustin Latin - August,dignified,holy; A va .... 0
alba White,Blond,Fair Complexion 0
alonso Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant .... 0
alvar Old English - Elf Army,Supernatural .... 0
amado Latin - Lover,Love of God ; A deriv .... 0
anastasio Old Greek - Resurrection; A variant .... 0
angel Shine of glory 0
angelino Old Greek - Messenger of God; Angel .... 0
anselmo German - Protected by God; A varian .... 0
aquilino Latin - Eagle; A variant of name Aq .... 0
armando Great warrior and a happy army man 0
aurelio Latin - Golden Haired; A variant of .... 0
aurelius Latin - Golden Haired ; Derived fro .... 0
bartolo Son of a Farmer; Both Surname and G .... 0
bartolome Ploughman; Farmer`s Son,Ploughman,F .... 0
basilio Noble; Royal; Kingly; Rose,Noble,Ro .... 0
belicia Dedicated To God 0
beltran Bright Raven 0
bembe Bembe is a Spanish name,but it`s hi .... 0
benedicto Blessed,those who live with God in .... 0
bernardo Bernardo is Bold As A Bear 0
bertin Bright; Industrious,Bright,Industri .... 0
berto Intelligent 0
berton From the Fortified Town; Place Name .... 0
blanco Blond; Fair; White,Blond,Fair,White 0
blas Stutters 0
bonifacio A man who has goof faith 0
calvino A man who is bald 0
carlino Little man who is very mainly 0
carlo A strong mainly man 0
carlos A mainly man 0
casimiro He proclaims peace 0
caton A knowedgable Boy 0
cesar The hairy one 0
cesario A hairy individual 0
chago The holder of heel; a saint,The hol .... 0
chan Nickname for John,Light,Beloved 0
chano The strong one 0
chanti A Small Kid 0
chayo A family name 0
che God will multiply 0
chencho A crowned Prince 0
chico A yong lad 0
cid From a Large Island; Lord 0
cipriano One who hails from Cyprus,a place l .... 0
cirilo Godly; lordly; princely; stately,Go .... 0
ciro Majestically; lordly; God-like; roy .... 0
cisco One who speaks French; a Frenchman, .... 0
claudio Crippled; one who cannot walk; lame .... 0
concepcion Conception,the act of fertilization .... 0
conrado A brave advisor or counsellor,who a .... 0
constantino Stable and constant; never undergoe .... 0
consuelo Consoling someone at their time of .... 0
cordero A lamb; a little sheep,A lamb,a lit .... 0
cornelio A bony outgrowth that is usually se .... 0
cortez Courteous,polite in manners,well be .... 0

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