Teutonic Names

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Name Meaning
abelard Originated from German language whi .... 0
acelin A noble girl or a girl who born in .... 0
adalbert Germanic (Nobly famous); Noble; Hon .... 0
adel Judge,Honest,Upright,Justice,Sincer .... 0
adelard noble strength in German; A variant .... 0
adolphus noble wolf; A derivative of name Ad .... 0
alard German - Noble Strength; A variant .... 0
alberic German - Elf Ruler,Supernaturally P .... 0
albern German -Noble; Courage; Of Noble Va .... 0
alcuin Teutonic - Noble Friend;,Teutonic - .... 0
alfred Wise Counsellor,Name of a King 0
alger Old English: Elf Spear; French: Mou .... 0
allard German - Noble Strength; A variant .... 0
alonso Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant .... 0
alvan Friend of the Elves,Sublime 0
alvin Related to elf 0
alwin Noble Friend,Defender 0
amerigo German - Work; Ruler; Powerful; Ric .... 0
anselm German - Protected by God; A deriva .... 0
ansgar Old Norse - God Spear; Gentle Frien .... 0
arik Hebrew - Lion of God; Latin - Ram; .... 0
armando Great warrior and a happy army man 0
armin Dweller of the Garden of Eden 0
armon Castle,French Form of Herman 0
arnold Strong like an eagle 0
arrigo Germanic - Army; Warrior; To rule; .... 0
arvin Friend of people,Friend to all,a fr .... 0
aubrey Bearlike,Elf Ruler / Power 0
baran Noble Man,Gaelic - Noble Warrior,Ru .... 0
barin Noble Fighter 0
baron Noble Man 0
barrett Strength Of A Bear 0
barron Warrior; The Title of Nobility Used .... 0
bartram Glorious Raven; Bright Raven,Glorio .... 0
bayard With Red-Brown Hair 0
beldan Lives in the Beautiful Glen 0
beldane Lives in the Beautiful Valley 0
belden From The Fair Valley 0
bert Bright 0
berthold Brilliant Ruler; Bright Strength; R .... 0
bertin Bright; Industrious,Bright,Industri .... 0
bertold Bright Strength 0
berton From the Fortified Town; Place Name .... 0
bertram bright raven,wise person 0
bertrand Intelligent; Glorious Raven; Introd .... 0
bertwin Shining Friend 0
bevis Bowman 0
blanda Dazzling 0
booth He who lives in a hut 0
brainard A bold raven; a bold person who is .... 0
brandon One who is a brave,vigilant person 0
brant Sword,Burn,Nourished,Loved,A sword .... 0
brantley A fire sword; a burning sword,A fir .... 0
burke He came from the fortress 0
burleigh One who lives in a fortified place 0
burley His home is the castle meadow 0
byron He who lives at the byres or barn 0
canute To tie in a knot 0
carl A mainly free man 0
carla A woman who acts like a man does 0

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