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Name Meaning
apsara Celestial maiden,Nymph,Celestial Ma .... 0
aran Righteous 0
aroon Mythical Charioteer of the Sun; Daw .... 0
charanya Good Attitude 0
chayan Moon,Collection,To Choose,Selection .... 0
chet Camp of the Soldiers,Fort 0
chintana Meditation,Intelligent or thoughtfu .... 0
dara Mercy,Halo of the Moon,Wisdom 0
han Gift from God (GER),Jehovah`s gift 0
hansa Swan,A variant spelling is Hansaa 0
hanuman The monkey God of Ramayana (Son of .... 0
hom The sweet smell. 0
isra Night journey of the Prophet from M .... 0
kamala Perfect,Goddess,Flower,Born of a lo .... 0
kanchana Gold,Wealth 0
kanya Daughter,Kanya means Virgin 0
kasem Happiness 0
kiet Kiet means Honorable 0
kit Kit means Carrier of Christ 0
kovit Kovit means He who is an Expert 0
kris Nickname of names beginning with - .... 0
kusa The Sacred Grass 0
lamai One of soft skin and nautre,a carin .... 0
mali Wealth,Riches,Industrious 0
mani A jewel,One who prevents 0
mayuree Peahen; Female Peacock 0
mekhala Girdle,An elevated geological forma .... 0
niran The one who is everlasting and neve .... 0
on The number one,first number 0
pen Name of a faithful wife 0
phailin Thai - Sapphire,A variant of Phaely .... 0
pichai Older Brother 0
pravat History; Morning 0
prija Goddess of good wishes,Intelligence .... 0
ratana Pearl,Precious stone or gem,Crystal .... 0
ratanaporn Crystal blessing 0
rochana Red lotus,Bright,Goddess Parvati,Li .... 0
sajja Adorned; Equipped 0
seni Name of the king of Dayani. 0
sin One like bush 0
som The Moon,Distinguished,Nectar,Ambro .... 0
suchin Means a beautiful thought 0
sukhon Pleasant smell 0
sumana Flower,Pleasant,Beautiful,Jasmine,A .... 0
sunan Traditions,Ways of Life 0
thai God`s gift 0
tida A daughter,female child 0
vidura (Son of Vyasa and a palace maidserv .... 0

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