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Name Meaning
ba Three; Third; Mother; Honest 0
bay Bay is Sea Inlet 0
bian Secretive 0
binh Vase,Jar 0
cai Brother of King Arthur 0
cam A man with a crooked nose 0
chi Man with Purpose 0
cuc A flower called Chysanthemum 0
dai A shining individual 0
danh One who cannot be explained; famous .... 0
dinh A calm person; stable and peace lov .... 0
dong It means East 0
duc Virtuous and noble being; fortunate .... 0
dung A brave and compassionate being 0
duy One who can save the world 0
gia Heart,Love,God is merciful,Earth,Be .... 0
hai Coming from the Sea,River,Two 0
hoa A Type of Flower 0
hoc To Study 0
hue Hue (Hew) and Cry,Wa 0
hung brave 0
hy The life itself 0
kim From the Royal Fortress Meadow 0
lam A Vietnamese name that means Forest 0
lan From Chinesee orchide and mountain .... 0
lang Surname describing tall people 0
lap An Independent and self-suffient pe .... 0
le Chinesee word for joy 0
lien One who posesses the bauty and pure .... 0
linh A soul or a spirit 0
long A mythical creature,Dragon 0
mai A person who dances with great grac .... 0
minh Bright; Brightness 0
nam Name 0
ngoc Valuable gem stone or expensive dia .... 0
nguyen Derivation,beginning,foundation,sou .... 0
nguyet The goddess of moon or the lady of .... 0
nhu Soft,mild,harmony,passive,concord. 0
nhung Look a lot like velvet. 0
nien The period of time that it takes fo .... 0
nu Water; Love 0
phuong English - Phoenix 0
quan Fist,Soldier,Army Man,Warrior 0
sang Union,Together,Mulberry,Bright 0
teo A form of tom 0
thai God`s gift 0
thi God Gift 0
thu Lord Murugan,Autumn,God 0
tien A fairy,an angel or a spirit 0
tin In Croatian a suffix name that mean .... 0
trai A form of trey 0
trang Decoration,Dawn,Honourable 0
trinh One who is pure,virtuous,virgin 0
tuan Intelligent 0
yen Calm; Shallow 0

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