Welsh Names

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Name Meaning
adain Resembling the Mother; Winged 0
adara Virgin 0
aled Welsh - A Child,Offspring; A Varian .... 0
alwin Noble Friend,Defender 0
amhar Legendary Son of Arthur 0
andras Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Vir .... 0
aneira Man of Honour,Gold 0
aneurin Celtic - High Minded; A variation o .... 0
anwar Rays of Light; Blossoms 0
anyon Celtic - Anvil 0
arial Strength,Courage,Sprite,Lion of God .... 0
arian Spares; Pledge; Oath; Golden Life 0
ariana Full of life 0
arthur Arthur was a great king lives in 6t .... 0
arvel Welsh - Wept Over; Arval is a varia .... 0
barris Son of Harry 0
beda Battle Maid; Prayer,Battle Maid,Pra .... 0
bedwyr language of origin is Welsh and it .... 0
berwyn Fair Haired; White Head 0
beven Youthful; Son of Evan,Youthful,Son .... 0
bevon Evan`s Son 0
bleddyn Wolf Hero 0
blodwyn Flower 0
bowen son of "Owen" 0
braith Covered with many spots or patches 0
bran A raven; a black bird that resemble .... 0
branwen A raven bird that is beautiful 0
briallan A noble woman from the hill 0
brian A noble man from the hills 0
broderick To be like a brother to someone 0
bronwen A white breasted woman 0
bronwyn A woman fith fair,white breast 0
brychan A spotted one 0
bryn Strong,Vigilant,Honoured,Hill 0
brynmor One who comes from the great hill 0
brynn A man from the hill 0
cade To fight in a small battle 0
cadel A great battle 0
cadell One with the battle spirit 0
caden Barrel,Fighter 0
cadi Luck 0
cadman One who is a soldier,a warrior 0
cadmon A warrior,soldier in the battle 0
cadwalader He will lead us into the battle 0
cadwaladr A battle leader,used as a surname 0
cadwallader He who leads to battle 0
cadwallon A king`s name 0
cadwyn One who is chained 0
caerwyn One from the white fortress 0
cai Brother of King Arthur 0
cain He who is good with the spear 0
caio He who brings joy 0
caradoc A dearly loved one 0
caradog He is a deeply loved one 0
carey He lives in the fortress 0
carne One who comes from the lands where .... 0
carthage He is very loving 0
carwyn A blessed love 0
cary A man of the fortress 0
caryl One who is very much a man 0

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