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Name Meaning
Eabae A versatile and very creative perso .... 0
Eabha The hebrew meaning of the name eabh .... 0
Eada It means Wealthy. 0
Eadaion It means Friendship in German 0
Eadburg Ead means `Fortune` and burg means .... 0
Eadburga Ead means `Wealth` and burg means ` .... 0
Eadburh A person who loves to help the less .... 0
Eadda It means Wealthy. 0
Eadgifu They are a rich gift to mankind 0
Eadgyfu Ethical and good natured person 0
Eadgyth Wife of a wise counsellor 0
Eadgytha Wise wife of a counsellor 0
Eadhild Maid of a rich battle 0
Eadida A reserved nature person. 0
Eadie An ambitious person. 0
Eadild A fortunate and precious person 0
Eadita Amusing and diligent person 0
Eadith One who is blessed with riches and .... 0
Eadlyn A healthy and wealthy friend 0
Eadoin A modern form of name,they are maje .... 0
Eadrea A brave and manly bearer 0
Eadu It means Wealth or Richness. 0
Eadwina Feminine form of Edwin it means `Ri .... 0
Eadwynn It means `Rich Friend` . 0
Eafa The meaning of eefa in Welsh means` .... 0
Eagle Educated and noble person,attentive 0
eakmjot Don't know. do you know tell me 0
eakshaa Rational 0
eakta Union 0
Ealasaid One who is devoted to God and human .... 0
Ealda They are majestic creatures who rul .... 0
Ealdburga One who has a heart of gold 0
Ealdgifu An encouraging,alert and honest bei .... 0
Ealhburg A lonely,bright and wonderful being 0
Ealhhild One who has a lot of strength 0
Ealhswith One who is lucky and fertile 0
Ealhswuth They are a wish come true 0
eallison The son of Alice 0
Eama One who comprises of the whole univ .... 0
eamanjot Don't know. do you know tell me 0
Eamma Its derived from germanic name emen .... 0
eana Affection 0
Eanburg One who loves to share and care 0
Eanflaed A compassionate and passionate bein .... 0
Eanflead A happy,straight and positive perso .... 0
Eanfled One who is worthy to be proud of 0
Eanfrid A frank,lonesome and experienced be .... 0
Eanswida One who is very rigid and determine .... 0
Eanswith Energetic,noble and high spirited p .... 0
Eanswitha An amusing,forward and high honoure .... 0
Eanswyth A self maintained and happy individ .... 0
Eanwin An imaginative,warm and neat being 0
eara It means ` From the East` in Scotti .... 0
Earcongota One with broad visions and ideas 0
Eardley A habitational name,clearing 0
Earla It means a noble warrior. 0
Earleen It means Princess,it also means Nob .... 0
earlena The name Earlena means a very noble .... 0
earlene Noble Women,It means shield in span .... 0
earlina It means a very strong and noble wo .... 0

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