Girl Names Starting With o

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Name Meaning
oadira Powerful; Potent 0
oadirah A Powerful Woman 0
oafiqa Don't know. do you know tell me 0
oaisara Empress; Wife of Caesar 0
Oaklee The servant of Lord krishna (a Hind .... 0
Oakleigh South Indian variant of Mohandas th .... 0
oakley A charming lamp or a lamp that give .... 0
Oakleyl One who cleans the oak meadows 0
Oakly Kind and compassionate,Lord Krishna 0
oalisa Don't know. do you know tell me 0
oamra The Moon 0
oana A very fascinating light,a light fu .... 0
oashni Don't know. do you know tell me 0
Oasis One who merged into Lord Krishna. O .... 0
oba Don't know. do you know tell me 0
obaida Servant of God 0
obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah 0
obdulia Servant of Allah 0
Obed The people from the flint places. .... 0
obedience One who is trustworthy,One who can .... 0
Obelia Spell variant of Mohan means a char .... 0
obil Don't know. do you know tell me 0
obinta Don't know. do you know tell me 0
Obioma The Charm of a King that wins over .... 0
Oca The splendour or the glory of the m .... 0
occhar Lucky 0
Ocean Spell variant of Mohinder that mean .... 0
oceana Spelling variation of Mohinder that .... 0
Oceane Charm of the God. A person with a h .... 0
Oceanna One who is infatuated or charmed ov .... 0
Oceanne The female version of the Mohit tha .... 0
Ocheckka The one who is intoxicated in infat .... 0
Ocie Chaste or a virtuous girl. 0
octavia Female variant of Mohsin that means .... 0
Octaviana Arabic word to a virtuous or a mod .... 0
october A King or a ruler who assists or he .... 0
oda An assister of the religion or fait .... 0
odaka Apple Flavour 0
odalis A french variant of the Moses that .... 0
odalys Spell variant of Moses that means s .... 0
odaniya Anklet,A decorative jewelery worn i .... 0
odathi Refreshing 0
odati Don't know. do you know tell me 0
Odda One who is complete in every aspect .... 0
Oddlaug A Polynesian,Hawaiian derivative of .... 0
oddny The "Chosen one" or "preferred one .... 0
Oddrun A spell variant of Mukhtar that mea .... 0
Oddveig Moksha is a Sanskrit word that mean .... 0
ode The final or the end of salvation,w .... 0
Odeda Enjoying or markerd by joy. 0
Odela The follower of the Narayanan. 0
Odele The ruler of the human being. 0
Odelette The guardian of the mankind. 0
Odelia The deity or Lord of whole mankind, .... 0
Odelina The servant of the guardian. 0
Odelinda Little wealthy one 0
odell The one who is distressed or upset 0
Odella The chastisement of terrific 0
Odelle A hero or a champion who belongs fr .... 0
Odelya The orange citrus berry 0

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