Girl Names Starting With w

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Name Meaning
waabisah Distinguished Sahabi RA 0
waad Promise; Covenant 0
waafiyah Loyal,Faithful,Whole,Complete 0
waahibah Generous; Giver 0
waahida Alone; One; Unique; Exclusive 0
waahidah Unique; One 0
waaizhah Don't know. do you know tell me 0
waajida Satisfied; Wealthy; Lover; Beloved 0
waajidah One who acheives her goals in life, .... 0
waaliyah The Female Governor 0
Waamil An extremely beautiful girl. 0
waan Don't know. do you know tell me 0
waani Don't know. do you know tell me 0
waarithah A Master,A Lord,An Owner 0
waasifah Describing 0
waasilah Connecting; Joining 0
wabiba Giver; Donor 0
wabisa Something bright 0
wabisah Bin Mabad RA had this Name 0
Waceera The wanderer 0
wachiwi Don't know. do you know tell me 0
wad Promise 0
wadaaat Peace; Mildness; Gentleness 0
wadaana Prosperous 0
wadad Love,friendship. 0
wadd Beloved 0
waddaa Love,Affection 0
waddah Love; Affection 0
waddia Amicable; Friendly 0
wadduha Light of Morning when Day Start 0
wadeea Gentle,peaceful (humble) 0
wadeedah Lover; Devoted; Friend; Beloved 0
wadha Bright 0
Wadha-Wadhaa Bright 0
wadhaa Pretty 0
wadi Gentle,calm. 0
wadia Peaceful,Gentle,Friendly 0
wadiaa Don't know. do you know tell me 0
wadiah Calm,peaceable 0
wadida Attached; Devoted; Friendly 0
wadiya Polite 0
wadiyah Valley 0
wadiyt Don't know. do you know tell me 0
waelah Clan; Tribe; Ne who Takes Refuge 0
waen Don't know. do you know tell me 0
wafa Faithfulness; Loyal 0
Wafa-Wafaa Faithfulness 0
wafaa The faithful; Loyal 0
wafeeqa Successful 0
wafeeqah Successful 0
waffa Faithful; Angel 0
wafia Faithful; Loyal 0
wafika Successful 0
wafiqa Successful 0
wafiqah Successful 0
Wafiqah-Wafeeqa Successful 0
wafiya Faithfulness; Loyal 0
wafiyah Faithful; Loyal 0
wafiyya Loyal 0
wafiyyah Loyal; Faithful 0

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