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aaarti Worship 0
Aaas Expectation; Hope 0
aab Water; Shine 0
aabeesha Goddess of will 0
aabha Glow,Luster,Shine,Splendour,Light,B .... 0
aabhaa Beauty; Shining; Lustre; Glow 0
aabharana Jewel,aabharna signifies valuables, .... 0
Aabheri A Raaga in Indian music 0
aabia God is My Father 0
aabid Worshipper of God 0
aabida Worshipper; Devotee 0
aabidaat Worshipers of God 0
aabidah Worshipper; Devotee 0
aabir Gulal,The word aabir has the meanin .... 1
aabira Colour 0
aabirah Fleeting; Transitory; Ephemeral 1
aabis Austere; Stern 0
aabish Lucky (Daughter of a king,Queen of .... 0
aabroo Fame; Honour; Dignity 0
aachal Shelter 0
aacia Shelter; Goodness; Place to Live 0
aadab Hope,need 0
Aadanya derived from the name of King Chera .... 0
aadarashini Idealistic 0
aadarika Reverence,Respectable 0
aadarsha Idol,Mentor,With An ideology,aadars .... 0
aadarshaa Ideal 0
aadarshini Idealistic,aadarshini means one who .... 0
aadea Child of the Beginning 0
aadeah Child of the Beginning 0
aadee Child of the Beginning 0
aadesha Order; Command; Message 0
aadeshini Ordering,Commanding,Instigating 0
aadhana Being First 0
aadhara One who Holds 0
aadhaya First Power 0
aadhika Goddess 0
aadhiksha More Wish / Desire 0
aadhila Honesty; Just; Upright; Justice 0
aadhilakshmi Summer Sun 0
aadhira Lightning,Strong,The Moon,Moon,To s .... 0
aadhirai A Special Star 1
aadhisha Beautiful Queen 0
aadhishka Beautiful Queen; Goddess Durga 0
aadhiya Worship of Goddess Amba; Beginning 0
aadhrika Mountain or celestial 1
aadhrisha Truth,Faith,Unique 0
aadhvi Sun; Earth 0
aadhvika Matchless,Unique 0
aadhyaa Goddess Durga 0
aadhyasri First power,The beginning 0
aadhyatha First Preference 0
aadhyatmi Spiritual; The Supreme Spirit 0
Aadhyavi Warrior princess 0
aadia First One on Earth,Goddess Durga 0
aadiba Polite; Cultured; Respect Giving 0
aadideva the hindu word aadideva is feminine .... 0
aadifa One which we can Proud 0
Aadika Goddess 0
aadiksha Intention of Education 0

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