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Name Meaning
aafrin Lucky; Happiness; Praise 0
aafsha Pretty,Shining 0
aafsheen Shine like a Star 0
aafya Health; Freedom from Illness 0
aagam Coming,Arrival,Holy Jain Scripture, .... 0
Aagama Arrival; Wisdom 0
aagarna the word signifies the person havin .... 0
Aagasya Maharshi 0
Aagati Arrival,Coming,Return,Origin 0
aaghnya Born from fire,Goddess Lakshmi,the .... 0
aagmya Wisdom; Knowledge 0
aagna Permission; Command; Advice; Order 0
aagraha aagraha means a polite,well mannere .... 0
aagrima Stay on Top,Coming First 0
aagya The word aagya means consent or for .... 0
aahalya Wife of Rishi Gautam 0
aahana Inner light,Immortal,Born during th .... 0
aaheli Pure 0
aahida Strong; Beautiful 0
aahila Pleasant 0
aahilya Women Rescued by Lord Rama 0
aahin Pure 0
aahira Brilliant; Dazzling 0
Aahlaadita The name signifies the one who is i .... 0
aahladita In Happy mood,Delighted,The name si .... 0
aahna Exist,to live,Survive,life 0
aahona First Ray of Sun; Morning 0
Aahsha Hope 0
aahuk God Gift 0
aahuti Divine Offering to God / Lord 0
Aahutti Divine Offering to God / Lord 0
aahwaana aahwaana means act of soicitaion,In .... 0
aaiat Verses; Clue; Signs 0
aaida Visiting,returning. 0
Aaidah A star 0
aaidha A Flame; Splendour 0
aaiefa Beautiful; Forgiver 0
aaiela Beautiful; Moonlight 0
aaiema Leader 0
aaiera Honourable; Noble; Respectful 0
Aaiesa Obedient,Beautiful 0
aaifa Forgiver; Fearless 0
aaifah Forgiver 0
aaila Beautiful,like moon. 0
aailayah aailayah means the one who is off t .... 0
aaima Leader 0
aaiman Righteous; Door of the Paradise 0
aaina Mirror; Reflection 0
aainaa Pure; Mirror; The Only One 0
aainah Reflection; Mirror 0
aaini Flower; Spring; The Eye 0
aaira Noble,respectful,respected,honourab .... 0
aairaa Honourable; Respectful 0
aairah Noble; Respectful 0
aairha Respectable 0
aairin Unique 0
aaisa Obedient; Lively Person 0
aaisah Woman; Life; Also Spelt as Aisha 0
aaisha Life; Vivaciousness; Living prosper .... 0
aaishani Another Name of Goddess Durga 0

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