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Name Meaning
aaishi God Blessings 0
aaishu Obedient,God Blessings 0
Aaiushi One with Long Life; Live Long 0
Aaiyshu Beautiful,Live Long Life 0
aaizaa Respected 0
Aajanae A Gift from God,Gracious 0
aajira A Winner 0
aajisa Strong - Proud 0
Aajita Invincible; Always Winning 0
aajivika Liveliness 0
aajmee Moon 0
aakaanksha Desire,Wish,the name means the eage .... 0
Aakaansha Wish,Desire,Dream 0
aakaksha Desire 0
aakancha Desire; Wish 0
aakanksha Desire,Wish,the name is another spe .... 0
aakankshi Desirous; Wishing 0
aakansha Wish,Desire,Dream,the name is anoth .... 0
Aakanxa Ambition,Wish,Desire 0
aakarsha Above everybody 0
Aakarshaka the quality of attracting by inhere .... 0
aakarshana the word means the force of attract .... 0
Aakarshika Having attractive power,the one hav .... 0
aakarshin Attractive 0
aakash The Sky,Open mindedness 0
aakashi the name means Heaven,the sky color .... 0
aakasya Belongs to the Sky 0
Aakeen Faith 0
aakeerah Graceful Strength 0
aakhi Eye 0
aakiba Cute 0
aakifa Worship Allah in Solitude 0
aakifah The intent; Busy; Devoted; Dedicate .... 0
aakila Intelligent 0
Aakiya Desirable; Glory; Fame 0
aakrati Shape 0
aakrita Art,Creation 0
aakriti Shape,Form,Figure,Appearance 0
aakruthi Shape,Structure,just like aakrit ha .... 0
aakruti Shape,Structure 0
aaksha A Touchstone; Related to Sky 0
aakshada Goddess Durga 0
aakshata Sacred Rice of Worship,Holy Rice 0
aakshaya Eternal,Immortal,Indestructible,God .... 0
aakshayaa Indestructible 0
aakshi Existence 0
Aakshta Sacred Rice of Worship,Permanent 0
Aakshya Eternal,Immortal,Indestructible,God .... 0
aala Bounties 0
aalaa Highest 0
aalabini Singer 0
aalam World 0
aalan Normal 0
aalasa Protected by God; Nobility 0
aalaya Home,Refuge,Home and refuge 0
aaleah Ornament,Noble,Ascent 0
aaleahya Sunshine 0
aalema Loveable 0
aaleya Superior; High Born 0
aaleyah Exalted; Highest social standing 0

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